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Babies are like angels but they surely take away lot of your time. In the times when it is really important that you make your baby fit and strong all you should do is along with choosing the best means to raise your baby you also must choose the best massage oil for your baby. Here are some tips for you so that there can be best baby oil for newborn massage.

Choosing massage oil

Before you start massage with your baby you should first choose the best oil. Since there are many baby oils available in the market for massage it would really be a bit tough for you to make the exact choice. Well, but if nothing comes in your mind then you can choose the branded massage oil. But while buying just make sure that you have just checked the ingredients. Here are some of the easy tips for the new parents so that they can easily get their baby in the healthy state.

Massage helps in blood circulation and it also makes the complexion good. Thus new born babies should be given oil massage. Here are some of the tips that will help you to choose the right massage oil for your baby. Just go through the baby body massage tips.

  1. If nothing strikes as to which massage oil you should buy and which would be ideal for your baby then you can always try olive oil. It is versatile and never harms the baby skin in any way.
  2. Even coconut oil would be a good choice for baby body massage. But it should be pure.
  3. If possible you should avoid all sorts of scented oils. This is because some babies might have allergy of any sort of fragrance and this can really create spots, blemishes or eczema like skin conditions in the baby. Just follow these baby body massage tips. You should always check out the ingredients when choosing the branded massage oils. This is because you should know whether your child is allergic to some of the ingredients or not.
  4. When you are planning the massage first you should take less oil and then start. This would be like a test massage. Once you know that your baby is comfortable in that you can use more oil for massaging the baby’s body.
  5. When you first massage your baby there would be some cries. But you should not leave massaging. Slowly and steadily your baby will get used to it.
  6. You should never use the oils that have minerals or mineral oils. This is because such oils would create some allergic reactions on the skin.
  7. As soon as you find the rashes on baby’s body after the oil massage you should stop using the oil and seek medical attention.

It is not always the case that all the branded items are good. Sometimes you can use your own brain and analyze as to which type of skin your baby has and whether you need to make any alterations in the massage oils or not.  Like the mixture of organic coconut oil and olive oil. This is an amazing mixture which will give your baby very soft and nice skin.

It is really important that you know how to massage the baby. If you don’t then just check out the videos online. You should do the soft massage in the circular motion. Just after you finish the body massage do not leave the head. It is important to do head massage as well. You will be so happy to see that how your baby is happy. 

It is true that people are quite busy and don’t have time. But a thing like baby massage is really quite important for skin, for the overall health and of course for blood circulation. Thus, make sure that you get into a perfect mode of taking good care of your baby without thinking how much time goes away on such tasks.

Raising a baby is a big task. But at the same time it is fun too. You just have to know what is right and what is wrong for your little one. Most of the people learn this with time and experiences.

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