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A mother takes care of her child in the best way possible and strives to be their role model. Needless to say about a mother-to-be, it brings out her ardent feelings and makes her feel ecstatic, but at the same time, brings out her maternal responsibilities. But, before all this, for a healthy baby, we need a healthy mommy.

Becoming a mother is a process that involves continues learning, starting right from day one. A mother-to-be has already become a mother, long before the kid is born. And a mother has to prepare herself, in the best way possible, to ensure the perfect beginning for her baby. This is where we come in. We care about your baby and this has lead to us working on baby products in a novel and different way.

We have the right thing for you:

You need a proper idea on what the baby needs, from feeding, bathing to nursing. Becoming a mom will be the happiest moment in your life and as a mom; your baby needs your best care and attention. With a little bit help from our side, you can take care of your baby with ease and the best baby care products that you can get your hands on.

  • Baby Feeding and Nursing- The way your baby eats will be messy and the nap after the meal should be peaceful. Organic muslin burp cloths and toddler blankets are the perfect duo.
  1. Comfort-Woven with 4 layers of organic muslin, they are comfortable, warm and cozy. The blanket is perfect for all kinds of climate and will keep your baby safe.
  2. Quality- Highly durable and at the same time, soft as satin, they only get softer with time. Also, has an absorbent layer of foam in between, making it versatile.
  3. Cost-effective- Generously sized, they have multiple uses as the child grows; is long lasting and affordable.

  • Baby Diapers A proper, undisturbed sleep is very important for your baby. This helps the baby grow, mentally as well as physically. Also, when she wants to have fun, why let something stop her?
  1. Quality- Perfectly suited for day to day use, can be worn anywhere, anytime. Highly durable and long lasting< also cares for your baby’s skin. Waterproof TPU fabric, which makes it leak-proof and breathable.
  2. Comfort- Bamboo fabric remains soft and keeps cool. Comes with Snap-On inserts for easy use and dispose.
  3. Cost-effective- Hygienic and eco-friendly, they are the best solution for budget conscious moms.

  • Baby bath and Skin- The baby’s skin is very tender and requires gentle care. The bath should be perfect for an ideal growth. The baby should also enjoy it, along with the mother.
  1. Soap- Essential oils (like Olive and Almond), rich in vitamins, leaves the skin soft and hydrated. Perfect for daily use leaves the baby radiant.
  2. Shampoo- Nourishes your babe’s hair, leaving it soft and fresh. Specially designed for kids, they are mild and non-irritable.
  3. Body Lotion- Naturally derived lotion, keeps your little one’s skin supple and glowing. It moisturizes the skin in a gentle fashion and keeps it soft, hydrated and safe from infections, all day long.
  4. Powder- Enriched with Olive oil and Vitamin E, it keeps the skin cool and comfortable. It also eliminates dryness and encounters dermal problems and bad body odor.

  • Baby insect repellant- We aim to keep your child safe and away from diseases. Considering the fact that many of them are insect born, it is understandable to have this by your side. Coated with Citronella oil, they prevent insect bites. Will give your kid the freedom while playing outside and help out with a peaceful sleep, in a long term.
A baby needs your tender care and commitment. Giving birth was tough, but your responsibility begins there. With the baby requiring constant care, we bring the necessary baby care products to you. To your baby, for their future.


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