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There was a time when we used to talk only about pink and blue for girls and boys respectively. But now times have changed and people prefer green for their babies. Green here is not the color. But green means organic. But yes, organic is pricey too. However you have a precious baby and you just can’t afford to have any health issues with her. When you are ready with your baby care products list you should search for the organic options first.

It is not an expense but a well thought prudent decision

Some people feel that buying organic stuff is an expense. But in reality, it is really an important thing. As your baby spends most of the time sleeping you should go for organic bedding options. This would include crib, bed sheet, bed sheet protector, mattress protector as well as the blanket. Yes, you should also opt for organic clothing. This would remove all the risks of your baby having any sort of skin issue.

Here are the things that you need to go for:

  1. It is true that we always look out for best baby care products.  But do we often shop right? Well, if yes, then why do you have that non-organic mattress on the crib? Well, it would have been great if you had the wool mattress which is amazing and free from all sorts of chemicals. Its ok if you still don’t want to replace it then at east you should buy the organic bed sheet or the cover that would cover that mattress. This bed sheet would become the wall between the baby and the synthetic mattress.
  2. Some people have petroleum based foam as the mattress for the baby. Rather than this it would be better to go for the rubber foam. However, nothing is as good as the wool one. But when you have to make the choice between rubber and petroleum based foam then you should choose the rubber.
  3. We often say that we use cotton clothes for our children and we take pride in that. But in reality, cotton is highly treated with different sorts of pesticides and chemicals. It is therefore important that you use organic cotton which is free from all sorts of chemicals.
  4. Organic wool, linen and bamboo clothing would also be good for baby’s skin. You can try that as well.
  5. If you are looking for a jacket then there it’s ok if you are not much choosy. You can buy something that is inorganic as there is already a wall of clothing.
  6. While looking for baby care products for new born you should also see that the toys and the bottles that you use for feeding are all organic and BPA free. This is because BPA is found in regular toys and plastic bottles and that is one of the leading causes of cancer. If you wish your baby to be safe then you should use BPA free things for the baby. While buying bottle, you can also look out for recycling symbol. If it is 2 or 5 then you can buy. But if there is number 7 written on the downside of the bottle then you should avoid buying that.

With the above tips it would be very easy for the parents to buy things for Babies. As parenthood brings so many responsibilities and happiness, it would b important to take prudent decision at that time. Sometimes we get carried away and don’t look into such small matters and then finally baby has to suffer. Make sure that you consider these tips as important and follow the same. Every parent wants such important tips as they are parents for the very first time and it is tough to know it all at one instance.

Whether you wish to buy online or offline it really depends upon you. But what matters the most is what you are buying and whether you are alert and aware while making the buying decision for the babies. In the times when everything is changing even you should change a bit and see how life would welcome you.

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