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Layering may be an option for grownups but experts suggest that while sleeping, babies need less number of coverings. In such cases, it is important that parents take special care and continue to provide the baby with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Here are a few tips that can ensure that even the harshest of cold winds do not touch your baby.

Give your Baby the Warm Feeling at Home

Home is the place where a baby spends most of their time. Therefore, it is important to maintain a warm atmosphere around the house.

  • Transform the sleeping arrangement into a snugly one with blankets and swaddlers. Choose a well-fitted flannel cover for your baby’s crib. Another option is to cover your baby with organic muslin blankets. Muslin being a breathable fabric provides the baby with gentle comfort. Use these products to give your baby a good night’s sleep.

  • You can also use a sleeping bag made from organic muslin that will ensure your baby has a good night’s sleep. These sleeping bags are wide and large enough to give enough room for the baby’s movements. In addition, you do not have to worry about your baby kicking off the blanket in the middle of the night.

  • Always keep an eye upon whether your baby is getting too hot or cold during night. Check the baby’s tummy to get a hint ofthe temperature. Adjust the bedding according to the need. The other signs of a baby getting too hot include excessive sweating, heat rash and dampening of hair.
  • During daytimecloth the baby in cotton undershirts, knitted woolen vests, woolen socks, and baby suits in flannel, cotton caps, and pairs of thick cotton socks.
  • Remember to change your baby’s diapers frequently. Don’t pass out on this just because the temperature of the environment is low. It is better to opt for organic diapers during this season to ensure a happy and healthy winter baby.

Make the Baby Champion the Weather Outside Home

At times inspite of a harsh weather, you need to take your baby outdoors. This can be challenging, as you need to assemble many things. Primarily, while heading outdoors, you should keep in mind that layering is the only trick. Here are few very important pointers to keep in mind.

  • Give your baby that extra layering of clothing. If the nights are all about freeing the baby from extra layering of clothes then while heading out make it a point to give the baby an extra layer of clothing as compared to you.
  • On extremely cold days, you can also use baby wraps.These wrapping blankets can provide your baby with that extra warmth to combat the extremely harsh weather.

  • If it is very cold outside or even worse snowing, then snowsuit is the best guard. Dress the baby in clothes and put him in the snowsuit whenever you step out of a car into the snow.
  • Cover the head of your baby properly as babies seem to lose their body heat through their heads. Make sure that you cover your baby’s hands and feet with proper mittens and socks.
These instructions and tips would ensure that your baby is warm and fuzzy during winters. Stays near your darling little one and ensure that this winter never gets in way of a healthy life for your baby.


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