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Giving your baby a relaxing oil massage can be a great time to form a deep bond between the parent and the baby. It can be a soothing and relaxing experience for both the parent and the child and will leave both feeling refreshed and happy. Choosing the right organic baby oils for your baby forms an essential part of getting the most out of this experience. The other factors involved in baby massage are the time you pick to massage your child as well as the way in which you perform the massage. By striking the right balance and finding the ideal conditions, you and your baby will be able to share a wonderful experience together.

Selecting the right baby oil

The first step towards preparing for a new deeply satisfying bonding moment between you and your child is by choosing the right organic baby oil for performing the massage. Here are a few guidelines to help you select the best oil for your baby’s skin.

  • Consult your doctor

If your child has a history of skin allergies, make sure that you consult your doctor before applying any oil on your baby’s skin. Your doctor will be able to help you select good hypoallergenic oils that will be comfortable to your baby’s skin.

  • Remember that baby skin is different from adult skin

Baby skin is still developing and is not protected from harsh products unlike stronger, more developed adult skin. Ensure that you use products that are intended for use on babies and not those that are intended for use on adults.

  • Avoid aromatic oils

Oils that possess strong aromas and scents may contain synthetic material or artificial flavouring. When using baby oil make sure that it is natural and edible since the baby might suck it off his/her fingers.

  • Don’t mix oils

Don’t try mixing oils together or even switching between oils frequently for use on your baby. This is because your baby’s skin might not be able to adapt to the changes in the compounds applied to it very often. Use the same oil that you do regularly and don’t mix them up.

  • Notice allergies

If you see any allergies or reddening of your baby’s skin, stop using the oil immediately and consult your doctor. Pay close attention, especially on days when you try new oils.

  • Choose natural oils

Stay away from mineral oils and petroleum based products and instead choose natural and organic baby oils which are safer for your baby’s skin. Natural oils are safer as long as you ensure that they are true to their labelling by cross checking with the ingredients listed.

When should you massage your baby?

To receive the most out of your massage, you have to ensure that the conditions for the massage are optimal. Here are a few tips to help you choose a time and place to massage your child:

  • Time: Make sure that your baby is alert and don’t pick a time when they are too hungry or too full as they will be distracted.
  • Place: Make sure that the room of choice is well lit but not too bright and comfortably warm.
  • Prepare: Keep all the necessary material, oil, towel, clean clothes, diapers at hand or nearby before you begin.
  • Cleanse: Ensure that your hands are washed and that any jewellery that you are wearing (rings, bracelets or bangles) have been removed).
  • Position: Make sure that your baby is safe where he is placed and will not fall, also take care that you are clearly visible to him/her.

How should you massage your baby?

Touch is one of the most intimate of senses and one of the most primitive forms of contact. You and your baby are going to share an intimate bonding moment with an oil massage. Instead of applying oil directly onto your baby’s skin, take small amounts of organic baby oil onto your hand and apply it onto your skin. Take only enough oil to ensure that your hand moves over your baby’s body smoothly. Avoid using massage oils on your baby when his/her skin is irritated or red.

Keeping your baby’s skin smooth, supple and soft is easier when you have organic baby oils to help you. Massage can also be a new experience for you and your baby that can bond you deeper and help develop a connection that you will share as they grow.


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