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Winters are cool and that is why everyone likes them. They relieve us from the sweaty summers, wet monsoon and windy autumn. Be it the cool breeze of the air or shivering cold, winters are fun with sweaters, jackets and shawls. But this weather is sometimes a little harsh as it dries up everything around. It steals away the moisture, be it from our skin, the tree leaves or anything else. While the other things dont affect us much, the moisture drying up in our skin affects us a lot, especially the babies. Babies have a sensitive skin and tend to get affected by low temperatures very easily. As soon as the temperature lowers down, their soft and sensitive skin start losing its natural moisture and thus it becomes dry and rough. Here are a few tips to help your baby cope with the shivering cold winter.


  1. Massage


When we say that our skin has become dry because it has lost its moisture, the fact is it also loses its natural oils which actually keep our skin soft and smooth. Our skin produces oils essential for its nourishment and keeping it healthy which dries up in the harsh cold winters. The best and the easiest way to restore these oils is to provide oils externally. Give your baby a massage that will help his/her skin to get enough nourishment to protect itself. Of course, this is not going to be as natural as what is produced by our skin, but it is still better than no oil at all. The best oils suggested for babies are coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. These oils are warm enough to keep the babys body warm and not hot like mustard or sesame oil to have any adverse effect on the babys skin.


  1. Lotion


Another great way to restore the lost moisture in a babys body is topical application of baby lotion. Baby lotions are made by blending various oils together, this process gives the goodness of all the oils together at the same time. These lotions are specially made for the babies hence do not possess any harmful chemicals to have any side effects on the babys sensitive skin.


  1. Soap And Bath Wash


Soap plays a very vital role in secretion and restoration of the natural oil that our skin produces. We know that soap cleanses our skin by removing the blemishes and excess oil from our skin. Most of the soaps are made of harmful chemicals, which instead of being useful turn out to be harsh on the baby skin. To avoid this, it is advisable to use a baby soap. Baby soaps are mild, so though they remove the dirt and debris from their skin, these soaps maintain the skin pH and do not wash away all the moisture and natural oil on the babys skin. Thus keeping their skin soft and nourished. If your baby likes things fancy, you can also use a baby bath wash instead of a baby soap.


  1. Essential Oil


You can also add essential oil to the babys bathing water. This will gently restore the oils lost if any during the bathing. Essential oils will not mix with water, but they will run through your babys body when he/she splashes in the tub or your bathe them with a mug, which might be just enough to restore the moisture getting lost with the soap bubbles. Using a fragrant essential oil like rose or geranium might elevate your babys mood and using one like lavender will help him/her to calm down and relax.


  1. Ghee/Oil


After using all the external methods to restore the lost moisture, its time that we think of a permanent solution. Including ghee or oil in your babys daily diet will not only help for babys growth and development, it will also restore the moisture and oil lost in the harsh winters. Fats present inside the body will enhance the skin oil secretion, give your baby a soft, healthy and smooth skin.


Now that you know how to protect your baby from the shivering winters and help them to keep their body moisturized, dont fear winter, welcome it with open arms, of course only if you are willing to take your arms out of your blanket.


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