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We often see, babies wake up in the middle of the night. This is because of various reasons, because they are hungry, because they are scared, because of discomfort or because they wet their bed. A sleepless baby means to sleep deprived parents. Besides, baby’s good night’s sleep is not only important for the parents, it’s also important for the baby. Research have shown that a good night’s sleep makes the baby stronger, enhances the brain growth and also increases its height. While the reasons to wake up are numerous, the solution is simple. Make the baby comfortable. If you are wondering how, here are a few tips.

Of course, the internet is full of rules like ‘drowsy but awake’ and ‘soothe your baby, not sleep it’ but I am not here to tell you those rules. I am here to tell you to make a few simple changes in your baby’s life that will lull him/her to a deep slumber.

1. Diaper

Very young babies have no toilet training and nor can they control the pressure. They release the pressure as and when they feel it, and wet their bed, which results in waking you up. The solution is really very simple, use diapers. But there are two schools of thoughts on this. Some parents believe that they would rather wake up at night and take the child to the toilet and train him/her, rather than using a diaper because, if they use a diaper, the child would never learn to use the toilet. Others argue that babies need a good night’s sleep for their proper growth and development. In my opinion, both are correct. Of course, you should toilet train your child and, of course, the child needs to sleep properly through the night, but then what to do. I think you should use a diaper for first few months, after all you cannot train such a small baby the use of a toilet, and later you can train them how to use a toilet. But there is a concern related to the diaper: diaper rash and let me tell you that wet nappy/diaper is not the only reason behind a diaper rash. Babies have sensitive skin and at times the diapers or nappies themselves cause irritation. The best way to treat a diaper rash is to prevent it. Using an organic fiber diaper is the best possible solution.

2. Massage

A massage late in the evening is one of the best ways to lull your baby to sleep. Massage is beneficial to a child in many ways, like it improves the blood circulation, strengthens the bones, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. A good massage also reduces the fatigue of any active baby and relaxes him/her, which results into a peaceful sleep. Using lavender oil for massage has shown best results to relax and soothe the baby. Just remember, if you are using lavender essential oil, do not apply it directly to baby’s skin, mix it with a carrier oil.

3. Oil diffuser

Oil diffusers are of a huge benefit when it comes to sleeping babies. You can use an oil diffuser in your baby’s room. The fumes of various oils have different benefits. Like using a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil elevates the insects and mosquitoes. Using lavender oil relaxes and calms a restless baby.

4. Comfortable bedding

Even we elders hate uncomfortable bedding. Anything to the slightest of our discomfort, irritates us, then just think about the babies and their sensitive skin. It is always the best option to give them bedding  made out of the organic and natural fiber. An organic blanket or wrap up prevents any skin irritation or discomfort. They are soft and comfortable and keep all the irritations at the bay. Besides, you can also use an organic mustard pillow for your baby. Mustard pillow has been used for babies for a long time. These mustard pillows take the shape of the baby’s head and comfort them. It prevents them from the flat head syndrome. Besides, the mustard fumes help to keep the baby healthy as they are very medicinal in nature.

These simple tips will help your baby to sleep through the night and wake up fresh in the morning to continue with the playful and joyous activities.


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