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Babies tend to make a huge mess while having their food. They tend to smear it all over their upper body, arms, the table etc. This will result in you washing up a lot frequently than you used to now that you have a baby to take care of. While bibs are a great option they do not exactly provide complete protection against the mess which is always made. However it does provide a small layer of protection between the baby’s meal and the clothes. Clean the bib instead of going about cleaning the baby’s clothes every time after a meal.

There are various different types of baby bibs:

Firstly there are feeding baby bibs. These are paced around your baby’s neck when they are eating and it is the most common type of bib. These bibs tend to be quite large to protect your baby’s front. They protect quite a lot of the infant’s cloth from drool and food. Some of the feeding bibs even have a front pocket which is used to protect floor as well since it catches the food which falls down. Drool bibs are a type of bib which is used to protect the baby’s front from drool. They are much smaller than feeding bibs and are used very often. They protect the baby’s clothes from being soaked with drool. Long sleeved bibs are typos of bibs which are very big and not only cover the front of your baby but the arms as well. It is more like a shirt that a bib and protects your baby’s entire upper body perfectly. It can be used for any kind of arts and crafts time since no paint will come in contact with your baby’s clothing. Also the bib is really easy to remove.

Factors you should consider while buying baby bibs:

How easily it can be folded up

Baby bibs are real handy items for your infant. They can be used anywhere and you should be able to carry them around. Choose a bib which can be easily folded up since that will help you to carry it in a diaper bag. You need a bib which doesn’t take up a lot of space since free space in a diaper bag always remains low.



Ease of cleaning

The bib which you are buying should be cleaned properly. That is why you should buy one which is easy to clean. The bib comes in contact with a lot of food items; drool etc so you need to clean it frequently. There are various different ways of cleaning a bib. You can use a wipe down if it is not extremely messy. There are also options of putting it into a washing machine or dish washer to clean it if it gets extremely messy. Different brands of baby bibs have different easy with which they should be cleaned. So make sure you check that.

The fit of the bib

When you are buying a bib make sure that the bib is a proper snug fit. That will stop your baby from wiggling out of it. You do not want a bib which is easy to get out of. With a proper fitting baby bibs it is much comfortable and protects the baby’s front properly than a loose one.


Make sure that eth bib is comfortable for your baby. If it is uncomfortable then the baby will not eat properly and cry. Your baby will not focus on his food and rather just try to get the bib off. Avoid that. There are a few reasons why bibs can be uncomfortable. Firstly if the bib is too tight, the bib is supposed to be snug not extremely tight so get the right size for your baby. The Velcro or coarse ties which are used to keep the bib in place can be a huge problem if they come in contact with the skin. Go for soft Velcro which doesn’t scratch the baby’s neck. Follow these factors and you will be able to buy bibs and burp cloths easily. Also there are various cool baby bibs that are available with printed designs.


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