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Keeping your baby can be a confusing task. Since babies tend to have a very weak immune system they are more prone to various types of germs. You may think that the environment is extremely safe but in reality it may not be as safe as you think. Same goes into what they eat and how they are kept. You can follow a few simple things to make sure that your baby is not prone to any kind of diseases and is safe.

Don’t take your baby wherever you are going

Many people tend to be inseparable from their babies and that results in them taking the baby to wherever they are going. This should be avoided in the first few months. Try to avoid places where there are huge crowds so that you do not subject your baby to germs. Avoid shopping centres and restaurants but you can take them to the park or other open places. Also avoid unwanted contact many people may come and pick up your baby so avoid that. Relatives are no exception. If they must touch ask them to touch the baby’s feet instead of their hands or their heads.

Keep your and other’s hands clean

This can seem like a tiring thing to do but there must not be any exceptions. When you are going to allow anyone to hold your baby make sure that they wash their hands with  proper hand washes. Doing this will help you to prevent flu viruses or cold infections from affecting your baby.

Breastfeeding is a must

Many people tend to stop breastfeeding when they have a cold or virus. That should be the case. Unless you have a very contagious disease or something you should continue to breast feed. That will allow your baby to get the antibiotics through the breast milk and help in developing him or her immune systems. Additionally, you can opt for organic baby food that too will help in boosting the immunity level of your infant. 


Vaccinate yourself

Since babies are not eligible for vaccine shots you should make sure that you have taken all the necessary vaccine and flu shots. You should definitely take the flu shot and the pertussis virus shot as soon as you deliver your baby. That will help you to protect your baby since she will be feeding on breast milk for sometime after her or his birth. Consult your doctor and ask him what kind of vaccine shots you should take.

Avoid interaction and contact with sick people

You as a parent may take the effort to stay healthy during your child’s first few months. But there can be cases when you will welcome sick relative who has a case of flue. Make sure that you tell them clearly that they cannot see the child or even if they do they should do so from a distance. This will help in making sure that your child doesn’t come in contact with unwanted viruses. In addition to that you should also make sure that you maintain an authority with strictness regarding any persistent people who think that it won’t matter since they only have a slight cold. Make sure that you tell the entire household to maintain proper etiquette by sneezing in napkins, and covering their mouths when sneezing or coughing. 


Keep the household clean

Everyone thinks that their household is clean however you must make sure that it is spick and span. You should not just focus on the baby’s room but the entire household. No dust should be left lying around and no clothing should be work for too long. Make sure that there is no usage of tobacco in the house. Also avoid the people from making a lot of noise as a baby is very sensitive to sounds so you need to regulate that as well.

Overall you should maintain a proper diet since that will allow your baby to get the vital nutrients he or she needs. Go for organic food so that no chemical induced food items come in contact with your baby.  Follow these health tips for babies and you should be good to go. And remember to not be extremely paranoid about everything as everything will seem to be a huge problem at first but they are not in reality. 



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