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Being the perfect parent takes care of various factors. You have to focus on so many aspects of taking care of a baby that can get scary. But you will be able to take care of everything with a little patience and cleverness. Remember that you as the parent need to find out what are right for your baby and no matter what anyone says you make the final decision. Many parents tend to focus on what others are saying and listen to them all the time. Do not do that and decide for your baby yourself. However also do not shun out opinions consider them before you make your decisions so that you can reach an informed decision.



One very common item which you will need to buy is a blanket for your baby. It is not as simple as buying a blanket for an adult since a baby needs the perfect blanket for himself. Make sure that the blanket you buy is comfortable. Just like baby bibs a  baby blanket is useless if it is not comfortable.

There are various fabrics with which a blanket is made so go through them and see which blanket would suit your baby.

  • The material of the blanket needs to be soft and breathable. While a baby sleeps sometime his head can get covered by a few seconds till you notice it. This can lead to major breathing problems if the material of the blanket is not soft and breathable. The blanket needs to be soft against the baby’s skin so that he can move around in it comfortably. Some common fabrics used to make baby blankets are cotton, natural fibres, muslin, fleece, microfiber, faux fur and chenille.
  • It makes sense to choose a blanket depending on the weather condition. Pick blankets according to the weather and season. You do not need a woollen blanket during summer since that will provide extreme heat instead go for a simple cotton blanket which is soft and feels nice against the skin.
  • There are various types of organic baby blankets to choose from as well. These include swaddling, security, space, travel and hug-me blankets, comforters, sleep sacks, wrappers and baby quilts.


These are all different types of blankets which your baby will love and helps in protecting and giving your baby comfortable environment to rest in. a good blanket will provide your baby with the environment where he or she can rest for long hours without being uncomfortable. While travelling you can opt for a travel blanket which is perfect for keeping him cosy on the road.


Go for bright colours

Colours of a blanket are an important factor as well. While many do not realise the importance of colours it can affect the baby’s mood in a great way. Avoid dark and gloomy colours since they will make your child really slow and sad. Go for subtle colours like beige and light green. They will help your child to feel at peace. Or you can also go for bright colours like orange or pink which will stimulate your child’s senses and keep his senses engaged. This results in happy naps and also affects your child’s growth significantly. Go for different patterns as well which will help even more with the child’s sensory growth.

Make sure that it is comfortable

Buy a blanket which you can wrap your baby in. you will be carrying him or or her from one room to another at certain times. So you need to make sure that you have the baby comfortably in your arms. A rough blanket feels horrible and will hurt the baby when it grazes on its skin. Choose a blanket which is non allergic. Many babies tend to develop rashes from different fabrics. Cotton is a great choice since it doesn’t affect the skin in anyway but other fabrics can cause a little bit of damage. So make sure that you see which fabric works best for your baby. Just like cool baby bibs try to find the best option available to you. Baby Blankets are an important part of your infant’s belongings so choose wisely and consider the factors mentioned above. Just like your baby’s bibs and burp cloths blankets are very significant.



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