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Who hasn’t heard things like being a mother consummates womanhood? Getting to be called ‘mamma’ is undisputedly the best feeling that a woman can ever dream of experiencing. But that, of course, comes with its own set of hassles and annoyances. But here we are with a list of products which are certainly going to prove to be of utter help to you and make this difficult journey of motherhood seem like a cakewalk.

  1. Nursing aprons:

Yes. Products like that are actually available in the market to ease your breastfeeding exercise. Of course, you would ask how this so-called nursing apron is different from a ‘dupatta’. Well, we have an answer to that. These days, manufacturers are coming up with such innovative aprons that would actually leave you jaw-dropped. With some having a neckline ‘window’ that would facilitate your eye contact with your little one while it feeds to some coming up with ‘side indicators’ to tell you of which side you last nursed your baby. You just need to pick out the right one for you from the glut.

  1. Massage oils:

It is common knowledge that a plethora of massage oils are there at your disposal in the market to help you nip those nasty stretch marks in the bud and bestow you with itch-free skin, in addition to lightening scars and pigmentation. Glow and luster are among the other benefits that these massage oils endeavor to provide. Just find the right one for you and start applying on your body as directed and we promise, your mid and last terms of the gestation period would be just fine.

  1. Bibs:

Yes, we do understand the pain when whatever nutrition you want to somehow ingest into your little one is spilled by your utterly innocent baby. It might not be its fault but your already-enough work sure gets a raise. But fret no more, mate. Bibs are at your rescue. These are little garments worn around the neck covering the entire chest area as an effort to prevent clothing from spilled food that you’re trying to make your baby have. You just got to know where you need to head, young mother!

  1. Nipple Creams:

Now we know that nobody really ‘needs’ nipple creams but they are a great help when it comes to lessening the sore feeling you get after you breastfeed your little one. The friction of feeding, as is common knowledge, leaves your nipples irritated, itchy and stinging. Nipple creams will surely help you with that to a great extent.

  1. Foods that increase lactation:

A lot of new mothers face the problem of reduced milk production in their mammary glands. This can be attributed to many factors, including poor health. If you are suffering from this problem, there are many nutritious foods that sure will help your cause. Oatmeal, spinach, carrots, papaya, brown rice, apricots, and a lot of water are some of them.

So here were some products that would help you get through your happy little struggle of being a mother. No need to be that thankful, though. We’ve even larger hearts. Also, click here to see the various products that JBN offers you.


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