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The benefits of nursing are amazing and exponential as mothers get new experiences with growing step of nursing, but there are times when you don’t know what to do and how to do while nursing. It’s completely normal when it’s your first child, and there’s no room for panicking. Here are some basic facts about nursing that every mother should know:

  1. How to start nursing?

The very first time when you hold yournewborn is a great time to start nursing it. Breast milk is very healthy for the child as it prevents issues like allergies, constipation, and diarrhea. Turn the baby’s whole body towards you and put its mouth on your nipple. The larger the part it covers in its mouth, the better it would be. Do not panic if it doesn’t go right the first time. It requires patience and practice. Consulting a doctor or a nurse would do no harm. Nursing is painful too.

  1. How often should you nurse?

Nursing 8-12 times a day is beneficial for the baby and the mother in fact, the more you’ll nurse, the more milk you’ll produce. Never fix the time. Rather you should nurse whenever the baby shows the sign of hunger. The baby should be awake during nursing.

  1. What to eat and what not to?

A balanced diet is all you need to nurse well. Do not go by counting calories, just follow your hunger and drink fluids to stay hydrated. You might feel extra hungry while breastfeeding but it is normal because the body is producing milk for the child. Avoid consumption of alcohol and caffeine as it gets mixed with the milk and gets transferred to the baby’s body via nursing. Make sure you don’t eat anything stale or rotten unknowingly because it will affect your health and your baby’s health as well.

  1. What are the problems that occur during nursing?

The problems majorly include Engorgement i.e. Extra large breasts which are uncomfortable, sore nipples and mastitis i.e. a breast infection. To deal with such problems, you must consult your doctor in time.

  1. What are the benefits?

Nursing can help ward off ovarian and breast cancer. It even helps burn calories and keeps the uterus healthy too due to the production of prolactin (Mothering hormones).

  1. Where to get help?

Getting help in case of nursing is no rocket science. You can simply call your doctor or midwife and ask for instructions to nurse in a right way. You can also call the hospital or birth center where you delivered your baby or dial the emergency numbers for help.

Last but certainly not the least; educate yourself continuously so you can keep up with the changes in your baby’s needs as they get older and their bodies change along with yours.

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