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If you are a new mom, your baby is ruling all over your heart and mind. It is such an amazing feeling which cannot be explained by mere words. As your baby start growing and your start introducing solids, then comes your real role. As a mother your would want to introduce him to all kinds of foods and flavours for his health and to shape up his eating pattern.

Baby food is the most delicate choice as you have to infuse all nutrients and at the same time it should not have side effects. Your baby gut flora is still developing so we need right combination of food groups.

The supermarket aisles will confuse you and force you to buy various food choices which they ofer. As a mother you must have good knowledge of healthy food groups.

Let’s introduce to you some of the super foods that your baby need for his power pack health.


Its a super rich food to introduce to babies right from the age of 6 months. Yoghurt induces brain and immunity system development. It is rich in Vitamin D and calcium thus gives good reserves of calcium to the bones and teeth. Probiotic yoghurt have added benefits and is good for your child’s gut.


Avocados provide essential fat and nutrients to your baby. Its rich and creamy thus easily digestible. This fruit cum vegetable has good reserves of phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C and folate.


This food group has rich reserves of proteins along with fibre. Often it is called as the cheapest healthy food.

Whole grains

Say bye bye to white rice and introduce organic brown rice, oats and quinoa into your baby’s diet. This will serve as the power pack food for your little one. You can cook these whole grains with veggies and pure them.


This is the perfect nature’s gift for your child. All you need is to mash this super food and load your child with energy and nutrients.


Prunes are the best food which relieves your baby’s chronic constipation. Prunes contain a lot of fibre which s good for digestion.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are loaded with nutrients like Vitamin C, potassium and beta carotene. Babies like sweet potato due to their sweet taste. The antioxidants in this vegetable makes it the best super food.


Eggs are considered to be the complete food. Egg whites are rich in proteins whereas yolk have good quantities of zinc, vitamin A,D,E and B12. eggs are very good for babies for their overall growth and development.

Baby cereal

Babies are born with good quantities of iron which starts reeucing soon after 5 months. Breastmilk does not contain iron. So it is advisable to start baby cereal soon after 5 months.

Leafy Greens

Green vegetables has good dose of folate  and iron. Out of all green, Spinach is the best leafy greens which you must introduce to your baby.


Pureed form of apple or apple sauce is an ideal food for your baby. Rich in Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C and A makes it an ideal super food.

Foods to Avoid

There are other rich food which are good for your childs over all development. However you should also have some knowledge of foods which you should avoid in the early years.

Honey: Avoid honey as it is high in sugar and have bacterial cultures. It is believed to cause Botulism in children.

Cow’s milk: avoid cow’s milk before one year. Cow’s milk lack iron and Vitamin C. Cow’s milk is also hard to digest. This is thereason why formula milk or breast milk is bes for babies.

Refined grains: say no to refined garins as they are very high in carbohydrates. It is better to go for whole grains than fined grains.

Avoid foods that can cause chocking like grapes. Food should be thoroughly mashed or pureed. You must start solids when your child is ready to hold his head up straight. Yiur baby’s weight must have doubled up from the birth weight by now. You must observe that your little one must take in food rather than dribble it down.

Feeding your child is the most beautiful sight for the parents. To see your child content and smear his food all around his face is the most adoradble thing.

Happy feeding!

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