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Bathing your little one for the first time is exciting as well as daunting for you. The soft, tender and totter body of your little one needs utmost care especially while bathing. Many new parents look for help maybe a nanny who is experienced and can handle bathing. However, for some people who cannot afford a nanny, need to master the skill of bathing.

In this article we will help first time parents with some tips and suggestions.

Your little one unless he starts crawling or walking doesn’t get dirty. However everyday bathing gets him into a routine which he has to follow later in life. Generally, people prefer an oil massage before bathing which can be very relaxing and soothing for the baby.

 How to bathe your little one?

It is very important to make bathing as cosy as possible especially during first few months of birth. In case of carelessness your baby can catch cold. Here are few things which you must keep in mind.

Everything should be ready in advance. Before you take your little into the bathroom keep all the bathing essentials ready. You will require your bathing tub, a mug for pouring water, baby wash, cotton balls for cleaning ears and eyes and two wash cloths.

When your baby starts responding and is a little older, gather few toys to make bathing playful.

If your baby is few days old, a sponge bath is all you need.

Keep his after bath essentials ready like baby lotion, comb, diapers, towel and clothes.

You must be in comfortable attire so that you do not get messy and wet. Remove all the jewellery, wrist watches and uncomfortable clothing which can scratch baby’s tender skin.

Baby bath tub is an essential requirement if you do not have any help. Most of the bath tubs today are designed in such a way to support baby’s neck. It comes with an anti slip mat or a sling which prevent babies from slipping. Ensure your bath tub is of good quality and is regularly cleaned. If you do not have bath tub you can use your kitchen sink with a faucet.

Once you fill the bath tub, check its temperature. Do not overfill the bath tub, your child just need few inches of water. Use your elbow or wrist to check water temperature. In the market you get special thermometer which gives the exact calibration of required temperature. Always remember that your hands are rougher than baby’s sensitive skin, so your baby will feel the warmth of the water more than you.

Always lay your baby into the tub feet first. The other hand should always support the baby throughout the bath. Babies at times are very snaky so you should be very cautious while giving them bath.

While washing baby’s hair tilt the head backwards and pour water gently to avoid getting water inside baby’s ear.

Instead of using baby shampoo, use full body baby bath which makes bath time easy for you.

Towel dry your baby as much as possible. Little moisture left on to the skin may result in skin infection or rash. Do not use any kind of dryer for baby’s hair.

If your baby still has umbilical cord attached dab cotton with alcohol and apply on the cord.

What are the benefits of bath time for your little one?

This is the much waited time for you and your child. It creates a special bond between child and parent. Usually mothers give bath to the little ones but daddies should also opt for bath times as your little one appreciate it and will be something new for the young one.

Bath time can be a lovely learning class for your baby. Get some toys for the little one. Teach them how to splash, how to clasp toys and how to kick water.

A Bath time also soothes a fussy baby as it is a change of atmosphere for the little one with little surprises.

Bathing your baby is an art but once you excel this art you will long for it every day. It is a great relaxation for mothers as well as the little ones.


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