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Here is a simple sequence for those parents who want to know when to introduce books to their baby

Newbon to 1 year

Incorporating books at an early stage of life is a must. Your child is small and you have to understand their abilities. As you get your child home the first important reason for introduction of books is not that your child starts learning. The first motive is your child getting aquatinted to you voice. Your baby might not understand what you are reading to him. But that’s not what you must be looking forward to. Getting to know their parents voice not only helps them to distinguish their parent’s voice from others but also he learns to speak their parent’s language. This reading should be started at the age of 6 months. Read books to your baby for alteast 20 minutes dialy. Introduce reading books on a timely routine so that your child expects it every day at the same time. Books however should not be forced; otherwise children might think of it as a punishment. Rather, they should thing of it as a part of their daily life. If you are thinking of baby gifts for your child always give hard bound books as children develop grip and they ar expert in ripping of paper.

1 year to 2 years

At this stage readng and showing books with pictures are recommendable. At this stage of life children begin to relate. Introduce books with bold, bright pictures of family, with family members. Bookfor babies’ contaning picture of animals, birds and objects around them will be funfilled for your baby.

If you have been worried about what to give babies as gift consider giving children books along with baby gift sets. They are an excellent combination.

2 years to 3 years

Songs, rhymes and riddles at this age excite babies. Introduce rhyme books and sing it to them. The nonsensical rhyming books makes them laugh non stop thus helping them to enjoy and spend more time with books.

There are different types of rhymes and muscial books with sounds available. You can give them to your as baby gifts. Follow these steps in welcome books in your baby’s life.

From 4 years onwards

Your child will be going to school from this stage or little earlier too. At this stage, reading the habit of bed time reading. Bring fairy tales into his life. Sit comfortable in your baby’s blanket and read to him.This boosts his imagination. Read and allow your child to read along with you. This develops his reading skills also.

There are various fairy tale series available. Go shopping with your child. Ask him/her to pic up books of his choice. And gift it to your child. Baby gifts as book to your child will excite them and inculcate in them the art of reading.

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