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Are you stressed? Welcome to the community of Angst Mommies! Today young mothers are more stressful than their mothers. There are many reasons behind their agony financial insecurities, relationship expectations, kids’ expectations, parenting style which is more demanding and lack of support. The world today is more vulnerable for raising a kid; all these factors pile up and become stressful.

How do you know you are stressed?

Today we can manage stress however for that you need to know whether you have stress or is it a temporary condition. Unchecked stress can be disastrous for your health and family.


Here are two quick tests for moms:

The home climate stress: Do you love to stay at home with your kids? Do you laugh and play often at your home and enjoy each other’s company?

Mother Memory test: How will your kids describe you? Calm and as a good listener or tensed and stressed out?

If you are always on an edge and your kids describe you as irritable, it’s time for you to de stress yourself. It is not easy but not impossible.

Here are some tricks for you. Read and understand these tips and do your homework well if you really want to manage your stress.

What are your stress signs?

Identify your reactions to stress. Do you feel hot flushes, your blood pressure increases, you scream or get spiked heart rate. Just imagine how your kids feel when you behave like this. Don’t you think this will affect them. You need the right kind of tuning once you have identified the deterrent signs.

Time out: Take a break to avoid any kind of stress. Whatever you do just take out some time for yourself. A stress break can do wonders. Your family can help you with this.

  • Go out with your friends for a lunch or dine out.
  • Take out some time for yourself, go for shopping or to a saloon.
  • Listen to your favourite music.
  • Do some gardening.
  • When you feel very pissed off, count ten. This is a great decompress activity.

Your Witch hour: There are some foreseeable hours during the day when your stress mounts, especially early morning hours when everybody is in a hurry to leave home and you are the one catering to their needs. This is the time when your test starts and you must curb yourself from getting into your stress mode. Try managing few things a day before so that it’s easy for you in the morning hours.

Meditation and deep breathing helps: When you are at home alone, practice deep breathing and meditation. Start with a short prayer. Try to take out sometime early morning, it will be a great energy booster for you. Deep inhalation and slow exhalation that’s how your release your stress. While practicing this close your eyes and look for the different colours in the rainbow. Choose your favourite one!

Work out if you are stressed out

To keep your stress at bay enjoy exercising. This is a known fact. Involve yourself in riding, walking, and swimming or pick up some outdoor game. Another good way is to involve your kids and hubby too.

Laugh and smile

Laughs, smiles and giggles are the best ways to ooze out tension and stress. Act stupid, look stupid and be stupid but laugh it out loud. Celebrate your dog’s birthday or hide some dollar in the garbage bin and see who gets it. Enjoy yourself in and out.

Seek help: You can also look for a support group may be your mom, your best friend or a cousin. This will surely reduce anxitiety.

Positive attitude helps in dealing with stress. Look for positivity around you, everyday is special do not let it get wasted! Waste your day with your loved ones, enjoy walks all alone, cook your favourite meals, shop, look good and love yourself.

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