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Most parents must have noticed the immediate shift in a baby’s mood as soon as they are taken outside. It is not just babies, but also adults yearn to go for a hike or laze at the beach. This is because when we go out into the open and close to nature we feel more connected to our world and this is the same feeling that babies get. When outdoors and especially in a natural environment makes babies happier and more cheerful. The benefits of being close to nature include breathing fresh air and becoming aware of the unlimited possibilities that stretch from the earth to the sky.

It is also true that nature nurtures babies and toddlers, so let us look at some benefits for babies who play close to nature in the outdoors.

  • Babies who frequently paly close to nature are better at sharing
  • Playing outdoors results in a more pleasant personality
  • Worldliness is also a quality that babies close to nature tend to develop
  • Exploring the limitless possibilities in the outdoors makes children great thinkers
  • Some experts also suggest that children with behavioral issues should be taken outside more often


This is the reason that being close to nature should be part of a baby’s daily activities just like we encourage our children to do puzzles, play with building blocks, read to them and other such developmental activities. What’s more much research has been conducted on the relation between outside play and enhanced immunity. It is proved through this research that babies that spend a lot of time outdoors have stronger immune systems. This could be due to the fact that they get much more fresh air, sunlight and other elements that enhance baby’s physical and mental health

However, there are some challenges when you take your baby outside. The first thing that you need to keep in mind while doing this is that you should be constantly vigilant and protective. At the same time, you need to bear in mind that the outdoors present some hazards like mosquitos and flies that can cause your baby to fall ill. At the same time you also need to protect the baby from the elements like harsh sunlight and strong winds. This is the reason that you should always be armed with some basic items to make your baby’s play outside safe and healthy.

One such item is an insect repellant of some kind which should not be chemical based. This is because chemical based insect repellants are harmful for the child. There are many herbal mosquito repellant, bands, patches etc. available which are safe and effective. Then again you will need a wrap or blanket of some type to protect the child from direct sunlight and strong winds.

Even here make sure that you opt for organic products which are gentle on the baby’s skin. You may also have to consider the right kind of diapers and it is best to opt for disposable ones when you are planning to be outdoors with your baby for a long time. Nowadays many baby friendly disposable diapers are available in online stores that specialize in selling organic baby products. To study one such online store you can click here.


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