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Everything about a baby is delicate including the skin. This is the reason that you need to be extra careful in looking after it. Bear in mind that too much bathing and washing can also dry the baby’s skin and cause irritation and itching which will make the child uncomfortable and irritable. At the same time the soaps, shampoos, body lotions etc. products that you use should be such that they don’t have any negative effects on the delicate baby skin. Although there are some chemical based products in the market that claim to be baby safe, but it is always advisable to use natural and herbal products.

The same is true about the towels that you use to wipe your baby dry. Many parents carelessly choose baby towels and end up buying ones that are made from synthetic or semi-synthetic material. Synthetic material tends to react with the skin and cause an electric charge which can be harmful for the baby’s skin and spoil its pH balance. This is the reason that you need to always use natural and organic materials which are free from chemical and synthetic materials.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to find extremely soft towels made from bamboo. These towels are made from certified organic cotton which is combined with luxurious and natural bamboo. This ensures that you baby is treated gently by the goodness of nature and is safe from any harsh chemicals or pesticides.

The many benefits of bamboo fabric are well known and they include qualities of being hypoallergenic, antibacterial and protecting from UV rays. It is easier to dry and stays drier compared to cotton and is extremely soft. These towels are very easy to clean and care for and extremely durable. They provide your baby the benefits of cotton with the softness of cashmere. They are perfect for drying the baby and swaddling him or her after a bath.

Cleaning these towels is very easy as all you need is wash these in plain hot water immediately after purchase. This will tighten the structure of the weave and reduce the possibility of snagging along with softening the towel. These towels should be hand washed only using a natural detergent and should be hung to dry. If you wish to wash them in a machine, make use of cold or warm water with a natural detergent and adjust the setting to gentle. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners because they are not needed and are also chemicals hence should be avoided. When machine washing these towels, you should tumble dry them on a delicate setting. Also make sure to snip off any loose threads on the towel before you place it in the dryer.

These organic baby towels and other natural and organic baby products are easily available on online stores at very reasonable prices. The best part about buying such towels online is that along with them you will also get many other natural and herbal baby care products. These products are totally made from organic and natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. To study one such online store, you can click here.


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