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Feeding a child doesn’t get any easier even after she begins to walk around and can feed herself. Many children tend to be picky about their food. The availability of junk food in the market only adds on to the problem of ensuring that your child gets all the right nutrients. Scroll down to find out about the various nutrient supplements you can give your child.

Protein nutrient supplements

If your child is not putting on weight no matter how many eggs and pulses you are packing her lunch box with, you might want to consider these supplements. Lots of children exchange away the food they don’t like at school or at times even throw it away. Try protein supplements for your child. Proteins are very important for your child’s growth as it helps her develop physically.

Vitamin supplements

Vitamins  are crucial in the development of the body as it cannot be manufactured by the child’ssystem. These must come through the foods they eat so that their bodies can function properly. Vitamin A keeps the eyes healthy while vitamin C boosts immune system. Vitamin B prevents malnutrition disorders like fatigue while lack of sufficient vitamin D can cause weakening of bones.

Height gainers

If your child is not putting on any height , it might be time for you to start thinking about these supplements seriously. Height gainers are full of proteins that can help the body release the growth hormone and boost the metabolism as well. Some height gainers also promise to strengthen the nervous system, maintain cholesterol levels and reduce extra fat.

Omega 3

Omega 3 sources such as fish oils are said to have increased the brain function and learning capacities in children. Many studies have reported improved focus, greater memory power and better behavioural control in children who consumed regular doses of omega 3. Although the amount of research done in the field is still limited, omega 3 is still considered healthy by most doctors. Various supplements are available in the market in the form of powders and pills.

Weight gain in children

If your child is underweight for her age, you must consider these extremely effective supplements. The weight gainers are packed with proteins and many herbal ingredients that help your child gain actual mass. The weight gainers also improve the child’s appetite, increase the energy levels and general metabolism in the child.

There are a large number of nutrient supplements available for children in the market. As a responsible parent, you must check every product with the child’s doctor before administering. Make sure you use organic and safe supplements for your child to prevent side effects. Joy by Nature has a multitude of products that you can give your child to help her become a strong individual.


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