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The day you enter motherhood you are bombarded with advices, some useful and some confusing. Ignorance is not bliss in this matter as your child is your priority.

The biggest debate is when to choose between breastfeed and top feed. There are numerous articles popping out of some of the reliable blogs which are anti-top feeds. Some ignorant internet bullies confuse mothers which force them to believe on some top feeding myths. Let’s tackle some of these myths one by one and understand the science behind them.

You are not selfish or wicked!

Get out of the guilt of being associated as a selfish mother. You are not stealing away the essential nutrients from your child. Breastfeed is essential and very important part of motherhood. However supplementing breast milk with top feed will not push you in hell. You are not a wicked formula feeding witch if you top feed your child with any formula. Some women cannot breastfeed and some do not want to, this is absolutely OK! Some mothers do not produce sufficient milk for their child, there are cases where the care giver is a male and in some cases the child is allergic to human milk. In these cases Top Feed solves the problem.

Breastfeeding or Top feeding is not the either or choice, we can definitely opt for a healthy combination of both choices. Formula flexibility opens new doors for new moms.


Formula does not lower the supply of your milk!

It’s funny but many women believe that formula milk dries breast milk. What’s the logic behind this statement? Swapping breast milk with formula is entirely your choice and depends on your convenience; many women do not want to deprive themselves with the night sleep so that they stay active the whole day. Top feed is definitely a good option. Some nursing sessions can definitely be substituted with top feed. Giving your breast a top feed rest can ensure a better supply of fresh milk.

Nipple confusion

Nipple confusion or you can rightly say nipple preference. Your little one will get a hang of it in couple of weeks. Some babies can easily adapt breast and bottle at the same time however some will take some time. To make it easy for your little one you can pump your breast milk and fill it in the suitable bottle, this makes it easy for babies.

Breastfed babies are far healthier!

Your paediatrician will recommend you to breast feed your baby for that good supply of natural antibodies. Some people believe that breastfeed babies have better intellect development. Most of the infant formulas today have good quantities of probiotics, DHA and RHA which boosts eye and brain development. Vitamin D is not available in mother’s milk, but your breast feed baby can get adequate amount if Vitamin D from the formula. Other supplements which top feed babies are not deprived of are Omega 3 fatty acid DHA.

Mother baby bond

Your baby just needs timely nursing irrespective of breastfeed or formula. Some people believe that you lose a special bond with your child if you choose op feed, this is completely nonsense. In fact you can burn your stress levels by formula feeding; in return you can spend more positive and happy time with your child.

Formula feeding mothers are far happier and energetic

Nursing every two hours is certainly a stress for new mom. There are so many hurdles which stop you from the normal life. Formula fed moms can resume normal life sooner.

  • Wear whatever suits you and please yourself.
  • Choose the safest birth control methods without risking the health of your child.
  • Enjoy your meals without worrying about the nutritious diet.
  • Wine and dine and paint the city red.
  • Get back to your curves with the right diet.
  • Now no more embarrassment of nursing in public feed your baby wherever and whenever you want.

Mother is the best judge for her child and when it comes to feeding baby who knows it better than a mother. Breastfeeding or formula feeding is entirely your choice. Do not fall into the traps of myths which can devoid you of the pleasures of motherhood.

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