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There are many ways in which you can keep your baby healthy and smiling. It is important to keep the body weight of the baby at a proper level, and for that, you must try out those edibles that are natural, organic and that do not contain any toxin or preservatives.

How to increase your baby’s body weight?

  • The best and the foremost thing which enhances the baby’s body weight, is the mother’s milk. This milk provides the baby the ultimate rich source of protein, necessary vitamins and minerals, which keep the baby strong and healthy. Regular and timely baby feeding also keeps the baby healthy and its metabolism works better.

  • You can try out the cereals and all those foods which contain fiber, calcium and minerals, which ensure the baby’s body and brain development and you, can find a considerable increase in the weight of the baby.
  • As the baby crosses six months, you can also try out giving full cream milk to increase the baby’s appetite and weight. When the baby starts eating rice or cereals which are pasted and grounded in a grinder, then you can also add boiled vegetables along with the rice paste, to keep the baby’s digestion proper. This helps you to get a healthy baby at home.

  • Sweet potato in a mashed form, avocado pulp, butter and mashed banana are some other foods which help your infant to gain weight and grow faster and stronger. Banana and avocado are rich in minerals, which are useful for the health of your baby.

How does massaging your baby result into gaining weight?

Baby massage oil enhances the blood circulation in your baby, makes the muscles strong and your baby also gains considerable weight if you massage your baby’s body with warm and herbal massage oil regularly. Also ensure that you feed the baby on time, give him or her proper doses of medicine, and do not over-feed your baby, to keep it hearty and healthy.

  • It is important to maintain a diet chart that has been notified and prescribed by the pediatrician.
  • You must incorporate fruits, yogurt, cheese slices and natural creams in some of the foods that are easily digestible. But these foods should be given at least after one or one and half years after the baby is born.
  • Tell your doctor for any other alternative food supplements if you want a chubby and cute baby.

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