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Your little one is your best gift for life. So now you are blessed with this bundle of joy, there are few precautions which you must follow. For the first time parents every advice is like God’s voice however too many voices can create chaos too. We have sincere request for the parents not to panic, instead take a deep breath and follow your gut.

There are few do’s and don’ts which are the same for all parents. Here are some tips that can do wonders for you and for your little one.

Be happy that you are getting help

Initially there can be lot of small issues which you will not be able to handle alone. Be grateful if you have help especially if you have experienced people around. Never say no to any kind of help offered as at times it is too tiring for new moms.

Switch off your panic button

Many new parents end up paying hefty medical bills. The first year with your child can turn your panic button on. Do not get worried if your child is pooping often or many be too less. Common cold, skin rash and bowel problems are common as your child is acclimatizing herself. If you get tensed it may lead to depriving yourself with the joy of new parenthood. You must go for home remedies instead of exposing your little one to strong chemicals and medicines.

Waking your baby

Some parents religiously feed their child in every two hours. All babies are not the same. Do not wake your child for breastfeed, a child is smart and will cry it out if he is need of milk. If your child is sleeping the whole night, nothing can be more blissful than enjoying your cosy night sleep with your child.

Spit ups are common

Do not confuse between spit ups and vomits. Spitting out milk is very common as it is just the air and milk which comes out of your baby’s mouth after feeding. Some babies tend to gulp in a lot of air with feed which results in spitting out milk.

At times you will notice a curdy or precipitated milk coming out of your little ones mouth. Do not panic it is just the extra digested milk which comes out with burp.


The most important thing which every parent must keep in mind is handling your child. Take extra care of neck and spine, baby bones are every soft and tender. Use a good baby pillow which results in good head shape and correct sleeping posture.

Sanitize your hands

Babies have the habit of licking their hands and even other’s hand. Do not hold your baby without washing or sanitizing your hands. Your baby’s system is still not very strong to fight back harmful bacteria and germs, ensure that you take extra precaution in case of hygiene.

Swaddle your baby

Always wrap your baby in a good blanket or cloth. Babies throw their arms and legs in air and then cry, so it is advisable to keep them cosy by swaddling.

No perfumed wipes

Artificial perfumes are a bid no no. your child has a very sensitive nose and strong odor can lead to allergy. It is advisable to use distilled water wetwipes. In case you are out of stock use warm water and muslin cloth to wipe your baby.


Sponge baths till the umbilical cord falls off

Umbilical cord dries up and falls off however the duration may vary with different children. You must give a sponge bath to your child until and unless the cord dries and falls off naturally. Mild bleeding is normal however if you see continuous bleeding you must consult your doctor.

Keep baby’s skin moisturised

Babies come with dry and sensitive skin. Always keep your child’s skin hydrated with a good baby lotion or cream. Ensure you keep a diaper rash cream in stock. Apply cream after every diaper change.

Car seat is a must

Do not move in your car with your child without a car seat. Car seat is a must and can prevent catastrophic incidents.

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