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If the brain doesn't make correct decisions then motor activity is also affected. Sleep deprivation lead to stress and irritation which in turn leads to depression and sadness. So choose wisely when it comes to your baby.

Types of blankets for your baby

  • Receiving blanket: This is a multi purpose blanket which can be used in many ways for your baby. Your baby can lie down on it or sleep in it and what is more, you can clean spit up or drool with it. This type of blanket is lightweight and usually has a dimension of one square yard. This is a versatile blanket is used during childbirth too. So, you can totally depend on it as it is multifunction and also pretty looking.

  • Security blanket: Now this is a blanket for comfort. Buy this blanket for your infant as it is highly comfortable and safe. This is made out of soft fleece and usually comes with stuffed animals. Moreover, it is durable and is the best buy for your child. Buying a security blanket is a challenge, so choose wisely.

  • Swaddlers: This type of blanket is like a security blanket, but additionally a strapping or attaching mechanism is provided to swaddle the baby. This provides comfort, calm and relaxation, which is necessary for sleep. Moreover, the baby is safe from moving too much in sleep as the movement is restricted due to straps. This blanket provides security with comfort.

  • Crib blanketAs the name suggests, it is a blanket for the crib. It is merely a blanket with other companions such as crib sheets and pillows. Moreover, keep in mind that you should not use this blanket when your baby is sleeping.

Steps to keep in mind before buying a blanket for your baby

  • Always buy branded products: Yeah, no kidding there. Your baby deserves the best and only a popular brand is fitting for him/her. A branded item provides you warranty and also provides satisfaction in quality.
  • Clean or dry the blanket after use: Hygiene is something that should never be overlooked when it comes to your baby. Cleaning and sunning the blanket after every use is mandatory. As a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
  • Check if your baby is allergic to the clothing material: Some babies are sensitive to fleece, so check and research the product which is suited for your child. Parenthood is not easy but it has its perks. Moreover, your baby means everything to you, why to compromise with his health and safety?

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