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Bond with your bundle of joy with these steps:

  • Breastfeeding: According to a new study, feeding breast milk is the key to bond with your new born. The scientific reason behind it is breastfeeding mothers have a high level of “oxytocin” hormone that builds emotional bonding between baby and mother. When you bond well with your baby, you will be able to read her expression and body language whenever she feels hungry and wants breast milk. Wear breastfeeding apron so that you can have eye contact with your baby while feeding milk. If you have a medical condition that prevents you to breastfeed, you can bottle feed also.

  • Cuddling: Cuddle your baby and keep her with you at night. Keep her within your arms reach so that whenever the baby wakes up, she finds closure and comfort. “Skin to skin touch” is one of the early sign of communication with babies. If your baby has medical complication, ask doctor so that you can touch and cuddle safely.
  • Oil Massage: When your baby becomes 15-20 days old, you can gently massage oil on his body. It will not only promote your bond with your baby but also relive you from postpartum depression. Massage in upright direction without applying pressure. Don’t put oil in baby’s navel, ear or nose, it can lead to infection. Make sure to remove bracelet or bangle before massaging your sensitive baby. Try to do it after one hour of feeding.

  • Rocking: If your baby doesn’t sleep quickly, you can rock your baby back and forth to bring sleep. Or you can keep her close to your chest and sit on a hammock or rocking chair. Pat the baby’s back to bring sleep quickly. You can sing slowly to soothe baby’s ear too. But it becomes a reason of back ache when your baby gains weight.

  • Swaddling: Wrapping your little one in cute little blankets can help to promote mother-baby bond. Learn how to wrap your baby in a way so that he can sleep only on his back and that prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. But make sure to follow the precaution to prevent some unfortunate mishap. Alternatively you can put your baby in sleeping bag Stop doing it when your baby learns to roll on his side.

  • Understand baby’s language: Babies can’t talk. So it is more important for the mother to understand baby’s need whenever she is crying. Check her diaper whether it has become wet. Check her belly to know whether she is hungry. Rock your baby. Make funny faces. But if nothing works and the baby is still crying, maybe it is because of some internal problem. It is better to consult doctor immediately.
If your baby doesn’t bond well with you, don’t worry. Take a deep breathe. Some babies don’t bond well immediately after birth. You have to wait few months for it. To make your baby healthy and happy, you can visit here.


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