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When a woman is pregnant, she has a number of things in her mind about how she will make the baby strong and healthy. The most important part of this thought is the type of massage that would be given to her baby. Massage of the new- born baby is a tradition that has evolved ages ago.

In every family, one has experienced a number of times that whenever a baby is given a massage it is given to him by his grandmother. It is considered that the experience of old grandmothers’ help in making the baby strong through massages they give. They are the right person who chooses on what type of massage should be given and what massage oil should be suitable for the baby.

Before exploring on to what type of massage oil should be used it is very important to know about the benefits from the massage that is given to baby. To name a few benefits, these are:

  • Massage makes the baby strong.
  • It helps in making the baby active.
  • Making the baby’s skin more soft and glowing.
  • It increases the strength in the muscles of the baby.
  • Massage is the best way to give a better sleep to the baby.
  • Massage also makes the baby cry less and makes him relaxed.

These are some benefits that the baby gets from the massage given to him by the grandma. Choosing the right baby massage oil is a hard decision as one has to look for a number of things before choosing what oil should be suitable for the baby. This decision must be taken after a close observation of various factors that can affect the baby in some or the other way.

Before choosing on the right type of oil, a mother must be sure of the following factors:

  • The baby does not have any unusual allergies to something.
  • The oil must not have any chemicals. Therefore on must choose organic massage oils for babies.
  • Oils that have a strong fragrance are a big no as this would not make your baby smell good but can actually affect the baby’s health.
  • One must go through the details of the oil like manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients in the oil and then see whether it is suitable for the baby or not.
  • Never use oil that one normally uses for adults as babies have a very sensitive skin and the massage is required to improve the skin quality and not harm it.

The best way to make the baby relaxed after the massage is to give him a nice bath with lukewarm water and organic baby soaps which are made especially for babies.

 After the warm bath, in summers, put some baby powder on the body of the baby to avoid rashes whereas, in winters, apply baby lotions on baby’s body to avoid dryness and make the skin of the baby softer and glowing.

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