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What are diaper inserts?

Diaper inserts are essentially used in pocket diapers in order to increase the diaper absorbency and hence make it more efficient. Diaper inserts that are made from microfiber is generally not preferred. This is because microfiber, when in contact with the baby's skin can make it dry and cause itchiness. However, organic diaper inserts made from materials such as bamboo or organic cotton are perfect for daily use. Diaper inserts made from bamboo or hemp is to be washed anywhere between four to ten times to loosen the natural fibers and obtain maximum absorbency.

What is diaper inserts made up of?

As microfiber was considered to have many disadvantages, organic inserts were manufactured which not only ensured the comfort of the baby but which was also environment-friendly. Common materials used included:

  • Hemp: Hemp diaper inserts are usually mixed with certain percentages of cotton, making it softer than other inserts. They are durable, comfortable and are capable of absorbing large quantities of moisture.
  • Zorb: Zorb is essentially a blend of cotton and bamboo with some amount of fiber in it. It was designed specifically for diaper inserts that are not only budget friendly but also have an increased performance rate.
  • Cotton: Cotton is one of the softest materials used as a diaper insert and is the easiest to clean out. It is light in weight and hence does not give the baby a bulky feeling and hence is a perfect choice.

Benefits of diaper inserts:

  • Absorbs moisture:

While picking out a material for the diaper insert, it is recommended to pick a material which can absorb moisture quickly and effectively to a large extent. This is so that it wicks away any wetness that the baby will experience, ensuring its comfort. It also prevents the baby from feeling cold and does so in a natural way. These are also really soft and hence do not irritate the sensitive skin of the baby.

  • Combats odor and stains:

A very important advantage that diaper inserts have over regular diapers is that it keeps away odor over time by absorbing it.It also repels stains better and hence do not require much washing or cleaning. They are compatible with almost all detergents and is thus a very non-problematic substitute for regular diapers.

  • Reusability:

Not only are these diaper inserts budget friendly, they can also be used over and over again. A quick wash and the insert will be as good as new. They are also really compact and handy and hence travel-friendly. They also last all night and hence reduce the hassles of changing diapers during the night.

Thus, diaper inserts have been considered as a boon to babies in terms of comfort and efficiency. Click here for more organic baby products.


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