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Q: I am getting pimples on my forehead and cheeks. I am 18 years old girl. My periods are not regular. Please suggest remedy and any natural creams to keep my face clean and clear.

A: Follow these measures:

a) Avoid spicy, oily foods before periods.

b) Aloe vera juice 20 – 30 ml promotes menstruation and relieves muscle spasm

c) 2 – 3 tablets of Triphala at bedtime to eliminate toxins.

d) Tikthakam or Maha Tikthakam Kashayam 2 – 3 tablets a day acts as blood purifier.

e) Keep face clean, oil and dirt free by using scrub once a week. Use Natural/ Herbal cleansertoner and moisturizer to get a glowing complexion.


Suggested by our Ayurveda Expert: 

Dr. Rachana Ghatol-Shetty.

Qualifications: BAMS, Dip Beauty & Aesthetics, Holistic Healer.

Specializes in: Beauty-Skin & Hair, Women Health, Common Ailments, Digestive Health, Holistic Healing.