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Q: I am a 23 year old, female. I have lost my hair due to typhoid... please tell me any home remedy to regain hair?

A: Karkuntal Hair Oil / Bhringamalakadi taila / Neelibhringadi taila will be a better choice for hair oil. While going out, try to cover your hair with cap, to prevent dust and sun rays. Use a soft comb. Since you say that you are of Pitta body type, having amla in your diet helps. Either you can eat it raw, or you can have amla pickles. Or you can have Amla powder - half a small spoon two times a day, before food. It is a very good anti-oxidant, coolant, and good for hair, liver, stomach, heart, brain, kidney and pancreas. Eat more of dry grapes, dates, milk, cashew, sesame, almonds, flax seed, green leafy vegetables, spinach, and soya bean.