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Q: Dr. My lips are getting dark and I don't smoke. Is there any solution in Ayurveda so that I can regain the actual pink colour of my lips again? Please recommend remedy. Thanks.

A: The skin of the lips is thin and lacks oil glands hence they become dry. Lips also crack, chaps and turn black due to vitiated vata as per Ayurveda. Follow this routine:

a) Mix pure cow ghee (clarified butter) and few crushed rose petals and massage lips lightly.

b) Apply sweet Almond oil to lips before going to bed.

c) Drink lots of water (min 8 glasses) and stay hydrated.

d) Reduce consumption of coffee and aerated beverages.

e) Use natural/herbal lip balm to keep lips soft during daytime or in office settings esp. with a/c’s on.


Suggested by our Ayurveda Expert

Dr. Rachana Ghatol-Shetty

Qualifications: BAMS, Dip Beauty & Aesthetics, Holistic Healer.

Specializes in: Beauty-Skin & Hair, Women Health, Common Ailments, Digestive Health, Holistic Healing.