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Since ancient times, various types of oils have been used to treat human beings for different conditions. The most common condition that an oil can treat is fatigue. A warm mixture of oil applied and massaged on the fatigue points of the body can bring about relaxing effects. The fragrance that oils carry should also be pleasant so that it also acts as a good emotional trigger to restore our positive state of mind. With that in mind, these are the four essential oils which can quickly and easily bring about relaxation.

Lavender oil

It is an all-round beneficial oil which is also the most popular and widely used. It has a unique fragrance that elevate the mood and bring our spirits up almost immediately upon application. It is also used in various therapies for depression, stress and anxiety. It has very good medicinal values and is used as pain relief for joints and as antiseptic to treat wounds.

Bergamot oil

Bergamot oil is another essential oil to treat the body for anxiety, depression and stress. It works by influencing the blood circulation by also improving pulse rates. It brings the skin temperate to normal and healthy levels, an effective way of keeping the body calm. It can also enhance breathing and drastically increase the oxygen supply to the body. It also produces a soothing sensation to the mind for a very long time. Bergamot oil can be used to good effect by rubbing it with just two or three drops.


It is a highly versatile oil that produces total relief from anxiety, stress and depression. It is medicinal qualities makes it the most preferred oil to treat conditions such as eczema. It is also used for women in treating their symptoms related to menopause. The fragrance of the flower that it is made of can itself bring about calmness and nurture the person to re-compose himself. The oil is expensive because it requires about thousands of rose flowers to produce it. Also, the process of manufacturing is highly intense and takes great effort.


There are two types of chamomile oils, the Roman and the German. Roman chamomile is good at relieving mental stress and depression. It is also known to bring about positive changes by helping one lose any kind of fear and hostility. The German chamomile is well suited for treating the skin.

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