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Stress and depression are common in today’s hustle-bustle life. Itbecomes difficult to perform routine activities too. Teenagers feel an added pressure of studies. It is vital to relieve them from their tensions and give them a stress-free life.

Mind and body are connected, thus, both emotional and physical symptoms of stress can be felt.Irregularities with digestive system, feeling nervous, anxious, too overwhelmed, having negative thoughts and change in eating habits are symptoms of stress. If it stays too long it can also lead to depression and an advanced stage of depression can lead to final breakdown. Thus, stress management is necessary for health.

Ways to De-stress yourself

Stress can affect the immune system if not cured immediately. Long term stress is harmful for the body. It can also lead to obesity, heart diseases and depression. Teenagers sometimes are not able to cope up with the stress and they decide to end their life. Thus, living a healthy lifestyle will lead to a stress-free life which we can obtain from management of stress. There are many stress busters which can help your mind to rejuvenate.

  • One should never skip meals. Intake of healthy and proper food is one of the crucial points. Fast food affects the blood pressure.
  • Stress can also lead to insomnia and depression. Due to lack of sleep, there would be an imbalance of hormones. It is essential to take care of both mind and body to manage stress.
  • Stress ejaculates chemical in body which leads to tensed mood. Exercise helps to dissolve these chemicals, regulate blood and it also improves the quality of sleep.

  • Sometimes discussing your problems makes you feel relieved. So one should discuss her/his problems either with a person or s/he can write it down.
  • Studies are important but to balance the burden, students should also pursue their hobbies like painting, singing, playing or dancing.It helps the students to take a step back from all the work and refresh the mind. For rejuvenation and stress management one can also use the following.

Stress causes irregularities in the body. It sometimes secretes acids which causes acidity and nervousness. This deformity leads to a change in blood pressure. We can see now what changes can stress lead us to. Thus, it is important to keep both your mind and your body healthy. Parents could be a little lenient with their children’s studies and they should also help them with their work to manage the stress side of the child.

Yoga, meditation and healthy food will help to reduce stress.Many organic or herbal products are available in the market for stress management. To browse more products click here and search through the merchandise.


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