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Effects of Stress

The more stress that we take the more prone we are to many health-affecting diseases including colds and flu and a host of chronic diseases.

The direct affect of stress on cardiovascular disease is due to the fact that during moments of stress, the body is exposed to large amounts of stress hormones which are secreted. Long moments of exposure to these hormones are detrimental for the body. Stress also changes the way in which our blood clots leading to increase in the chances of heart attacks.

The way an individual handles stress also affects the physical condition. Resorting to smoking, drinking, overeating or not exercising is an unhealthy way of dealing with stress. Instead, one needs to accept the fact that some things are beyond our control, get connected with family members and friends who make life wonderful, relax by reading a book or listening to music, meditating or praying and add exercise into life.

For the general well-being, therefore, avoiding stress is of utmost importance. Natural alternatives have opened up ways for the over-stressed to manage their stress.

  1. Think Positive

The first and the foremost step to avoid stress is to become proactive instead of feeling victimized and complaining which only increases the chances of getting more stressed. For example, if you miss your flight, instead of getting nervous, calm down, get your nerves under control and find an alternative flight.


  1. Alternative methods

Studies have shown that homeopathy or alternative supplements can alleviate stress.

  1. Use Acupressure

A good way to relieve stress is by Acupressure which can be done on self during times of stress. Only, use your fingers instead of needles.

Pressing on the third eye which can be located between the eyebrows or the heavenly pillar which can be located at the base of the skull but either to the right or left of the skull or the heavenly rejuvenation located midway between the outside of the shoulder blade and the base of the neck can help you calm down. While applying pressure take deep breaths and concentrate on the point where the pressure is being applied.

  1. Vitamin and other Supplements

Ladies especially can increase their vitamin supplements containing the recommended allowance of vitamin B. supplements containing calcium, iron and magnesium can also be included for stress management.

  1. Walking to De-stress

Walking helps to breathe more easily and reduce stress. Hence, when you face moments of stress just take a walk– it may be outside your room or simply a few steps anywhere inside.

Taking a hot bath is also another way of managing stress. When time is a constraint, washing your face or even your hands with warm water would do the trick.

  1. Stretches and Yoga

During the day, muscles have the tendency to tighten, and the process quickens during moments of stress.  A few stretches helps to loosen those muscles and promotes deep breathing. Try the child pose yoga position, which is one of the best stress relieving stretches.

  1. Promoting the Flow of Chi

Qigong, a Chinese practice is a calming exercise. This exercise promotes the flow of chi – the fundamental life force which is flowing through our body. Practice this to de-stress yourself.

You can also read a book on stress management or join a stress management class. You can try alternative methods to manage stress. Last but not the least, join your hands, close your eyes, concentrate and say a little prayer. It works wonders.

So slow down and take control of your life. Give yourself a break so that you can go back to normal. Take steps to overpower stress else you will be overpowered by stress.


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