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Discussing sex and issues related to it is a taboo in our country. But men and women both have certain sexual issues that they’d like to correct. Research shows that for men, this is erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and for women, it is enhancement of their breasts. 

For Women 

Breasts are considered a sign of femininity, and women pay immense attention this part of their body not only because it’s one of the first things that the opposite gender notices about them, but bigger firmer breasts make women feel more complete. 

Since not all women are blessed with the breasts they desire, they look for substances to help them. While there are many chemical and hormone-based creams, pills and other products available in the market, these are harmful since they may have adverse and allergic reactions with the body. Instead, you should opt for products made from natural substances like extracts of herbs and plants enriched with natural oestrogen, which gets absorbed in the fat tissue in the skin, reactivating your mammary glands, and also increases blood supply to this part of your body, both of which result in the generation of new fatty tissues in the breast, increasing their size.  

Natural breast enlargement solutions are available in the form of capsules, which need to be consumed once daily with milk or water, and creams and lotions that need to be applied locally twice daily in an upward and outward direction. 

Not only do these safe non-surgical products increase your cup size from 1-3 sizes but they also help tone your breasts, remove any discolourings, decrease sagging and firm up and lift your breasts to give more visibly younger looking cleavage. 

It should be noted that pregnant women, lactating mothers, women on birth control pills and those with a history of cysts or tumours should consult a physician before using any breast enhancement products. 

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For Men

For men, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are sensitive issues that have physiological as well as emotional repercussions, affecting their overall wellbeing. 

Premature ejaculation is a disorder that results in a man reaching an orgasm too quickly (at an early stage of foreplay or intercourse) and without having any control over it. While a significant percent of men experience early ejaculation at some point of time in their lives, a constant and persistent occurrence of this may result in problems in their sexual lives, and it needs to be treated as a medical condition. Premature ejaculation may be the result of psychological factors like stress due to work, depression, anxiety and other issues related to their emotional health, and could sometimes also be caused by physiological disorders like prostate inflammation and spinal cord-related problems. 

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and keep an erection firm enough and long enough for sexual intercourse. It may be caused by physical issues like heart disease, high cholesterol/blood pressure/sugar, obesity, etc., and psychological issues like stress, anxiety and depression. Excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol and other substances contribute to ED as well. 

Since these two disorders can be a cause of anger, frustration, anxiety and embarrassment, and hence, must be treated. There are chemical-based products available in the market, but it is always advisable to opt for natural products. Choose from pills that need to be consumed once a day with milk or water, or creams and oils that need to be massaged locally daily. 

These natural products are safe to use and proven to be effective when used regularly. They have various benefits: they help with both, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, increase quality and virility of sperm, improve male fertility levels increasing chances of reproduction, increase sexual pleasure and stamina over an increased duration made from the extracts. They provide the penile organ with required nourishment and improve blood flow in this region, increasing your size and libido. 

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So, banish those doubts and solve your problems right away, without any side effects.


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