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As a person ages, it becomes harder and harder for them to care for themselves. In such circumstances, they often have to make a hard choice. Some elderly people prefer moving to old age homes, while others prefer to remain in their homes.

After all, it is fair for them not to want to leave the comfort and familiarity of their home. However, issues with mobility and memory cannot be overlooked forever. Such problems can progress and become a hazard to their safety and well-being.

Smart and timely decisions can save lives. Here are some tips to enhance the safety of an at-home elderly.


Eliminate Falls Risks

Anyone can be at risk of falling if the circumstances are not favorable. However, elderly people need more attention in this matter because they are at a higher risk of problems such as fractures. Of course, it can also be hard for them to get immediate medical attention if they live alone.

Hence, the best thing to do is to ensure that you eliminate as many fall hazards for their home as possible. From unsecured handrails on the stairs to slippery rugs, there is a lot at stake if you leave vulnerable areas unattended.

You can consider an emergency pattern by reading a Timely hand Review and fixing all the vulnerable areas in your home. The right practices and timely fixes can take away half of your worries regarding the well-being of your elderly.


Improve the Lighting

Being unable to see the way can be dangerous for the elderly. They can miss a step, stub on something, or be trapped in any other terrible situation. A well-lit home is very important to ensure the safety of a loved elderly, especially if they live alone.

You can start by ensuring that all areas in their home are well-lit. From installing lights on the staircase and corridors to arranging bedside lamps, there are many ways to make a home brighter. You can also add motion-sensing lights in passageway turns to ensure that they can easily find their way to the destination. 

Of course, you can also consider window replacement for their home if they live in a dimly lit place. Bigger windows can brighten their home, leading to a better mood and healthier lifestyle. 


Secure the Kitchen

Kitchens can be one of the most risky places for elderly living alone. After all, no one can underestimate the risk of fire at home. Hence, it is important to consider these dangers. First, you may want to install fire detectors and smoke alarms in your home. You may want to change their batteries at least twice a year if they are already present.



It is best to choose appliances that turn off automatically. In addition, it is also important to secure the glassware to ensure that there are no unfortunate accidents. You may also want to consider decluttering the kitchen to reduce confusion and chances of mishaps.


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