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Pets are as much a part of the family as the family itself. However, their stay inside a residence (house or apartment) can cause problems. Even if you toilet-train them, even if you take them out for regular walks, dogs especially have a tendency to gather an odour about them. In other words, they stink. You cannot spend thousands per month taking care of a pet’s every need; unless you are Paris Hilton or someone who can afford to splurge in that manner.


Then again, you cannot throw your dog out because you feel love and responsibility toward your pet who most certainly feels the same for you; whether you believe it or not, a dog will give its life for the one he/she loves (to call them ‘it’ is an insult, most dogs are more intelligent than people).


  1. Everything Is Better with Soap

While that line may not always be true, a clean pet is a healthy pet, which in turn places less stress or discomfort on family members spending time around them (women and children especially). In this regard, a quality but affordable pet soap can make all the difference.


  • Organic products leave no room for allergies, rashes, dry skin, hair fall, or a slew of other pet-related problems. A visit to a veterinarian can, of course, reveal to you what your pet is susceptible to.
  • But you can avoid that whole stage by choosing simple safe and organic products, in this case, something as basic as dog soap.
  • Check to see if the organic pet soap has certified natural ingredients.
  • The fragrance is absolutely crucial. A dog can be relatively clean and yet something as normal as rain water soaking its fur can give off a terrible odour over time (that ‘wet dog’ smell). Soap for dogs should certainly come with a nice after-scent.
  • Needless to say, the product should never have been tested on animals; a stamp will tell as much on the packaging. Less demand for animal-tested products can help change the industry; make it more organic-oriented.
  • If you have more than one type of pet, say, a dog as well as a cat at home, gets a soap that is suitable for all pets not just for canines or felines in particular.



  1. I Do Not Keep My Dog Indoors. Any Products Out There To Help Keep Its Kennel Healthy?

This is a common query among pet owners. When a dog starts to smell it spreads that odour about. If it is indoors, and the dog is prone to getting dirty quite often, you will have a terribly malodorous home.


  • Kennel sprays can keep a dog feeling comfortable in its outdoor abode and often even discourage it from getting dirty too often.
  • The main practical use of kennel sprays is not to please your senses; you are not sleeping in the doghouse. It is to keep the dog kennel free of germs and other undesirables so your pet will not fall sick.
  • Herbal repellents and odour removers work their own special magic in kennels. By keeping away lice, ticks, and fleas (thanks to an organic blend of essential oils and plant extracts), your pet will stay healthy and stress-free (this, in turn, can prevent a plethora of other pet-ailments, like hair fall and red patches from over-scratching).
  • Kennel sprays work beautifully and are quite convenient. You merely spray the fluid in the kennel on various spots (corners, crevices, door overhead, threshold, etc.), leave it to dry, and let the dog enter only after an hour.



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