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Aromatherapy is one of the ancient practices of using natural oil extracts from flowers, barks, roots, etc to enhance physical and psychological well being. The aroma from these essential oils stimulates brain function. Moreover, these oils can be absorbed through the skin and promote cell growth and healing. Nowadays, aromatherapy has gained momentum because it acts as an alternative to medication for pain relief, cognitive functions and mood enhancements.

The practice of aromatherapy is not modern but is in existence since time unrecorded, with Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Egyptian and Roman using it as cosmetic, perfumes and oils. Aromatherapy became so popular during World War II, that physicians started treating injured soldiers by using aromatherapy as alternative to medicine. Essential oils have been recorded as having healing properties since first century.

Modes of application

  • Direct inhalation: Direct inhalation of aroma from the Oils and extracts for respiratory disinfection and decongestion.
  • Aerial application: Generally used for environmental fragrancing and aerial disinfection.
  • Topical application: It’s the most popular technique for aromatherapy. Some examples include massage, baths and therapeutic skin.


Types of aromatherapy materials

  • Vaporizer: Combination of raw herbs which is inhaled directly. Contains high level of oil percentage plants which are dried and heated to extract the aroma needed for therapy.
  • Herbal distillates: The by-products of the distillation of roots etc in aquos form is called herbal distillates. One of the many popular distillates is chamomile, which is widely used in tea to calm the nerves and help relax the body.
  • Essential oils: Fragrant oils extracted by distillation of flowers, roots, etc are called essential oils. Widely used in massages, baths and therapy. 

Benefits of aromatherapy

  • Prevention and treatment of diseases: The olfactory function of aromatherapy has helped in reduction in number of psychologically induced diseases.
  • Rejuvenation: Helps in stimulation of brains neurons and cures short term memory loss and induces relaxants in the neurons.
  • Skin developer: essential oils are diluted with other healthy oils like olive oil and jojoba oil to make a concoction which helps the skin to glow and look younger.

Note: Do not consume aromatic oils as they are very toxic if taken internally. Moreover, consult only a licensed aromatherapy expert to help you on the way. Beware of adulterated oils and incense!

Aromatherapy carries some adverse effects if not administered by an expert or applying without reading the instructions. Some essential oils can cause irritation if not applied in diluted form. If you are taking some medication then consult your doctor before undergoing therapeutic massages and bath. Advantages of aromatherapy is enormous! For more information and interesting aromatic products click here.


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