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Making candles can be a very great experience, especially when you make candles at home. Firstly you get to have a lot of fun and it is always a great idea to make your own scented candles as that will give you an intense amount of satisfaction when you sue them. Also they tend to be extremely good gifts for any own you know. When you are making candles you can go for a variety of different colours or scents. The best factors about candle making is that you get to pick the exact flavours which you adore and you never have to go through a number of shops looking for which candle to get. It is very simple methods however as a first time candle maker there are a few mistakes which you can make. Here we have listed down a number of mistakes first time candle makers make.

Choosing the wrong wax

Wax is the most important part of any candle. When you are making a candle you will have the option of choosing between various waxes like beeswax, paraffin and soy wax. What most first time candle makers do is they choose paraffin or beeswax to make the wax candles. They can be good option to start with but the controlling ability of waxes like that can be rough. You need to use a wax which can be used easily without any problems. You can go for soy wax for a number of reasons. Soy wax tends to be organic and doesn’t harm the environment. It doesn’t make any sense to use a candle in your house if it is going to harm the surrounding air so go for such organic options. When you opt for soy wax you will also be able to make the candle easily since it can be easily moulded. There are various other factors which go into making soy wax candles however it is the easiest substance you can use. Soy wax can also be cleaned up easily since there will be a lot of spilling and dropping of wax happening when you make a candle for the first time.

Paraffin is another great option for first time candle makers since they tend to extremely cheap. You can find paraffin easily as well since a lot of stores sell them. Paraffin also has a tendency of melting quickly so not a lot of heating is involved in the process of making paraffin candles.

Choosing the wick

The wick is another important factor to focus on when making a candle. You do not wish to use a wick which is going to burn the candle out every quickly. That is useless since then the candles won’t last long. It doesn’t mean that the longer the wick the more fragrance will be dispersed. Go for wicks of medium thickness. Many candle makers hate the idea of making wicks since they can be a tedious effort. If you are a first time candle make r you can just o for ready make wicks which you can buy at any crafts store. Get the correct wick and you will be good to go.

The mould

When you are making a candle you will need a mould to use to shape the candle. There are number of things you can use to make a mould however use something which is cylindrical. As a first timer when you use very intricate moulds, it can get extremely tough to get the candle out. Add colours to the candle mix before you put the wax down for cooling. Think of the consistence and what kind of shade you wish to have. Pick out a little bit of wax before hand and then test the colour out. When you think you have the consistency figured out go for it.

Add the scent

A candle is nothing if there is no proper fragrance in it. Choose your favourite type of fragrance. You can try simple smells like lavender and roses on your first try. You can get liquid scents easily at any crafts store. Or you can also use any kind of essential oil. Read the instructions as to how much you should add.

Follow these tips and you will be able to make beautiful candles without any problems.




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