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Quite a common problem related to the stomach for many people is the acidity. The condition does not have a single cause but is brought about by many factors which also include the lifestyle that the person leads. Though the condition seems to be common, it needs serious attention and immediate remedy, otherwise, a small problem can lead to big problems that might affect the whole body.

Heartburn and formation of excessive gas in the body is an underlying condition which accompanies acidity after it has its onset in the person’s stomach. Furthermore, if acidity is left unchecked, the person might contract few other severe disorders like acid reflux, stomach ulcers and dyspepsia, a term for indigestion. Food that is taken cannot be broken down in the stomach in case of acidity and the person will slowly lose the appetite.

Acidity has a lot of causes. Some of them are common and the others are pretty much brought about due to lifestyle changes. Various causes include,

  • Intake of foods that are poor sources of fibre.
  • Processed and refined foods.
  • Keeping the stomach empty in name of maintaining a diet for weight loss.
  • Smoking habits and excess alcohol.
  • Too much of spice in daily meal.
  • Resorting to bad eating habits and binge eating.
  • Mental conditions due to lifestyle like stress and anxiety.
  • Lack of sleep or insomnia and not following a set routine for exercise.

Foods that reach the stomach are broken down by the gastric juices and the acid that is present in manageable levels in the lining of the stomach. In case of acidity, a total imbalance in the acid level sets in. There is over production of both the acid and the gastric juices. The pain starts in the stomach and slowly radiates towards the chest and then the ears. Vomiting and nausea sets in along with cramps of the abdominal region.

Acidityfinds its cure in organic produces. Completely harmless, these products do not elicit any sort of side effect compared to the drugs that are available for this disorder. Joy by Nature deals in such organic produces for the treatment of acidity.

Organic India Triphala 60 capsules

Triphala has been long used for clearing the digestive problem and also for constipation. This removes the toxins that are present in the lining of the intestine and the colon. The capsules are free from caffeine and thus do not make this addictive. Two capsules need to be taken twice every day before the meals.

Organic India Organic Moringa 60 capsules

Rich in Vitamin C, the Amla fruit is a popular form of medicine that is used for cooling and rejuvenating the body. This is mainly used for the treatment of the colds and cough. Along with these, the Organic India Organic Moringa 60 capsules are considered to be a best remedy for the problems related to digestion and the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. The components of the capsules are free from any form of chemical agents and do not have any artificial taste or colour enhancer. Two capsules need to be taken along with the meals twice a day.

‘N’ zymes capsules

N’ zymes, an herbal dietary supplement, provides all round support for all the stomach related problems. This facilitates the function of the liver and thereby increases the appetite and digestion in the person. All round cure is available for constipation, digestive distress, acidity and loose stool movements. This acts as an appetizer when taken before the meal and as a digestive agent when taken after the meal.

Unived Digestea

An infusion of Triphala and Senna, the each tea bag in the Unived Digestea is enriched with Assam and Nilgiri tea. This tea helps in digestion by detoxifying the body.

Organic produces are always a better choice than the prescription drugs. Drugs may bring about some side effect when used in the longer run while the organic produces are completely safe. Check out more products for acidity on Joy by Nature.


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