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Sesame oil has extraordinary levels of nutrients, ensuring its potential to battle against many diseases. Sesame seeds have high in copper, manganese, calcium content which helps in ensuring goodness of health. Small quantity of sesame oil contains amazing vitamins and minerals which is equal to many ounces of normal oil.

The yellow color oil, with the flavor of nuts, is rich in many nutrients. It is typically used for skin glow and various other cosmetic purposes.

These nutrients help to provide numerous health profits as they had been experience many years ago. The culture of sesame seeds started with the history of Egyptians. They showed the world endless benefits of these seeds which is now a boon for adults, children as well as elderly people.

Here are some sesame seeds health benefits.

  • Encourages Healthy, gorgeous Skin


Sesame seeds and oil are rich in zinc which produces collagen and provides skin which is more elastic. Repairing of tissues is carried out by this oil leading to revival of damaged skin. All the skin related problems are tackled with sesame oil.

  • Provides high proteins

Vegetarian diets are known to have low content of proteins, but if cooked in sesame oil can be profitable for even vegetarians. It gives a protein level of 4.7 grams per ounce, which keeps you in shape without letting to accumulate fat.

  • For off the lane problems

One of the hidden benefits of sesame oil lies in its ability to fight against many odd yet disturbing diseases, which takes years to get cured if treated with medicines. Some of those problems include dental plaque and oral health related problems. Oil pulling, a technique which proceeds with rinsing the mouth with this oil is known to have positive reviews. White teeth are another benefit of treating them with sesame oil.

  • Prevention of sugar and Diabetes


Sesame is a town hall of many nutrients, even the ones used to cure diabetes are found in it. Early stages of diabetes when treated with sesame oil, can prove to be beneficial. Low blood pressure and plasma glucose can also be treated effectively using sesame oil.

  • Brings your blood pressure to normal levels

Sesame oil is known to bring down pressure of blood to normal levels in case of type 2 diabetic people. The presence of magnesium makes such wonders happen.

  • Prevention of cancer

Presence of phytate component and high content of magnesium together act as a shield against cancer.

  • Increased health of bone

Rich in zinc, sesame oil helps in repairing of abrupt bone marrow, increase bone mineral density and health of bone as well.

  • Daily use can give you glowing skin

Daily massage of sesame oil after taking a hot massage can do wonders for your skin. It traps the moisture of skin and don’t let it dry for the whole day.

  • Relieves constipation

Seeds does all to prevent the problem of constipation. Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, which makes way for healthy digestive system.

  • Reduce antibacterial infections

Wounded skin shows fast recovery when treated with sesame oil. It helps in repair of damaged cells. If mixed with the regular carrier oil, will penetrate deep into skin showing faster and better results. Blood circulation improves with time if body is massaged with sesame oil.It also shows detoxification characteristics.Our skin is exposed to sunlight and many polluted elements and require detoxification. Soluble toxins applied along with sesame oil are beneficial for skin. Anti ageing property of sesame oil slows down ageing of skin and keeps you wrinkle-free even in elder age.


  • Prevents respiratory diseases

Again, magnesium presents in seeds of sesame aid to cure respiratory problems such as Asthma and other disorders.

Keep in mind the benefits of sesame oil and keep glowing all through your healthy life.


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