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Tea is what keeps people running on a hectic day, without any caffeine. Herbal tea is a decoction of herbs, spices, and other plant materials in hot water, containing no caffeine. There has been an exponential rise for the need of herbal tea in the market, owing to the great health benefits and the great range of flavors that they come in. These herbal infusions can be categorized into

  • Black tea
  • Green tea
  • White tea
  • Yellow tea
  • Oolong tea

One surprising fact to note here is that, just like normal tea, herbal tea can be consumed either hot or cold! However, herbal tea can be made from any leaf, and hence each leaf or at least the plant from which it is taken should be checked for any toxic content, which might harm the consumer. Tea has more health benefits than risks, and herbal tea adds on to the health benefits. The types mentioned above are only a few and the sheer number of herbal tea available in the market today is bound to strike anyone with awe. Herbal tea

  • Is a detox agent
  • Helps in slimming down
  • Helps in better digestion
  • Gives energy early in the morning (sort of a wake-up agent).
  • Calms down the senses and gives a relaxed feeling.
  • Boosts the immunity of the body by fighting against harmful cells.

Adding on to these amazing benefits, peppermint tea and lemon tea are two types of tea that are extremely helpful in maintaining proper digestion and a clear throat. Tea is often considered the god of beverages. This is plainly due to the immense health benefits, and its ability to combine with many herbs to give an even healthier decoction. Adding honey to tea is another great idea. Honey and tea, put together, help in maintaining body shape and helps in slimming down. Herbal tea is probably the drink for life. Just the smell of hot tea can make anyone forget all the sorrows in their life and give a brisk and refreshed feeling.

Gokul International Lotus Tea

The lotus plant is considered sacred by many in the world, and it is not for nothing that it is consecrated. Adding to the benefits of tea, lotus plant is used for treating abdominal cramps and cardiac diseases. Lotus is also used to treat excessive menstruation, premature ejaculation, and jaundice. This pack comes with twenty tea bags at a nominal cost of INR 260.

Organic Nation Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

This tea box comes as the savior on a dull, boring, and tired day. It immediately freshens up the body, increases metabolism, and purifies the body off toxins. Grown and processed in a pure environment, this tea packet is completely organic and contains no synthetic substances. This box of 25 tea bags costs INR 210.

Goodwyn Chamomile Infusion Tea

A part of aromatherapy and organic nutrition, this Chamomile infusion tea instantly brightens up the mood of the person. This tea relaxes all the senses and keeps the mind relaxed and fresh for a hectic day. Do not add milk, just boil water for 3 minutes and dip the tea bag in the water, get the required concentration, and taste the best tea ever.

Gokul International Mint Tea

Mint is the best ingredient to clear the throat, cleanse the stomach, and improve digestion. Mint tea is the best combination to consume when the body requires cleansing and purification. This tea is used for decongesting sinuses, reduce chest congestion, and prevents cold and flu. This pack of twenty tea bags costs INR 149.

Gokul International Saffron Rich Tea

This saffron-rich package of tea comes as a bag of twenty and contains ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, clove, saffron, etc. and zero percent caffeine. This tea is the perfect combination to cleanse the whole body off toxins and create a healthy, refreshed and active adult.

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