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You follow a complete healthy routine, bit in terms of your skin, hair or body. You always follow the right diet and use the best natural beauty methods to keep yourself fit and younger looking. And, when it comes to your nails, you ensure timely trimming. However, you often forget about your cuticles. Yes! It is this area, which can be a storehouse of fungus and bacteria if not taken care of.  If damaged, cuticles give rise to fungal and bacterial infections, thus leading to several skin ailments. So taking care of them is a must. So, we bring to you a few tips and tricks as to how we can take care of them. Take a look!

  1. Always begin with exfoliation

A regular exfoliation helps in preventing the overgrowth of cuticles. To make a scrub, all you need is some oil and sugar. Just mix the two ingredients to form a scrub. You can also add honey in place of oil. Then rub some of it on each finger for about two minutes. Once done, rinse your hands with normal water. Finish with a good moisturizer to keep them soft and supple.

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  1. Coconut oil massage

If your cuticles are too dry, give them a coconut oil massage therapy. This oil strengthens the tissue of cuticles, thereby preventing them from cracking. Just rub some coconut oil on each finger for about a minute. Then wear a plastic glove for at least 10 minutes so that the oil penetrates deep inside the skin. Later, rinse your hands with tap water.

  1. Honey, aloe vera and olive oil treatment

This remedy is great for cuticles, which are severely damaged. To prepare it, just mix equal portions of olive oil and raw honey in a bowl. Then add similar proportion of aloe vera juice to it. Mix well. Aloe vera helps in healing cracks and splits. Apply this concoction on your cuticles and massage for some time. Do it at least thrice a week for quick healing.

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  1. Homemade cream

In a bowl, take about four spoons of cream, a few drops of grape seed oil and lavender oil. Mix well and heat this mixture in the microwave. Once it because lukewarm, take it out. Apply a generous portion on each cuticle and massage for about five minutes. Once the cream is absorbed properly, it means that it has penetrated inside the skin properly. You can use this cream for moisturising your hands and feet as well. A regular application of it can prevent your cuticles from drying. Besides, you can keep this cream for up to three days in the refrigerator.

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  1. Petroleum jelly

This is an old yet a sure shot remedy to treat and soften dry and cracked cuticles. Just apply petroleum jelly on your cuticles before hitting the bed. Massage well till it gets absorbed. Make it a daily ritual to heal dry cuticles. Its application might become a bit greasy but is surely an effective one.

  1. Massage with essential oils

Essential oils not only smell great but work wonders on dry and cracked skin as well. And, when it is about treating dry cuticles, they are even more effective. Just dab any of the essential oils on your cuticles and massage thoroughly. Apply it daily to get soft and supple cuticles. You can choose from several oils, such as jojoba, almond, lavender and orange. You can also use tea tree oil as it helps in curing infections. However, it is advised to mix tea tree oil with some other essential oil as it is very strong and powerful.


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