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Falling in superfood category coconut oil has not few but multiple uses in kitchen and as part of skin and hair care essentials as well. In the following article we will be talking about important skin, hair and body related benefits of this miracle oil. Let us start with health benefits.

  • Composition of coconut oil is the key to its benefits: Important feature of this oily liquid extracted from seeds of coconut tree is that in spite of being called oil, it is free of any Trans fats. All it has is saturated fatty acids (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which cause no harm to human body, instead are considered important lubricants for the muscles and bones. Being medium chain means short length and light weight which makes them easy to breakdown and thus they are ready source of energy and not stored as fat.
  • Its breakdown works as magic for the body: Lauric acid present in the coconut oil (>40%) is a benefitting component of this oil. Upon break down LA gets converted to monolaurin which has antibacterial, antifungal even antiviral activity. It kills pathogens and frees your body of these disease causing and disturbing entities. This anti-microbial effect of coconut oil can be best reaped by including it in daily diet as cooking oil or even in whole edible form.

  • Coconut Oil is less demanding for body’s metabolic process: Coconut oil is broken down to keto bodies and directly used for energy needs of the body. Also it has been tested to increase calorie usage of the body. This correlates to it cholesterol controlling and weight loss benefits. It is considered a source of good calories and healthy fat for the body.

From above it is clear that using coconut oil in cooking is a healthier option when compared to refined oils and cooking butter. Be conscious of choosing good brands and organic coconut oil to ensure you get purity packed in bottles and not sub-standard products.

Skin and Hair Care with Coconut Oil

Continuing from above fat content of coconut oil makes it good emollient for skin and hair and its anti-microbial activity puts it in use for soothing infection, rashes and other problems of skin and hair. This oil has been used for ages as an important carrier oil or base oil for massages for body and hair both. Here is point wise quick insight into specific ways coconut oil can help you boost beauty and health of your skin and hair.

  • Apart from fatty acids coconut oil also has good amounts of vitamin E, K and minerals like Iron. Thus promotes skin cell repair and healing when massaged into the skin. It is light when compared to other hair oils and thus easily penetrates hair shaft. Thus as a hair oil coconut oil helps to improve texture, hydration levels and brings shine in dry and frizzy hair.

  • Its ability to fight damage (anti-oxidant properties) caused by free radicals makes it good to prevent onset of visible aging related changes in the skin including wrinkles and sagging. Also helps sooth sun burnt or scarred areas.
  • With its anti-microbial properties it helps overcome superficial skin infections like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Similar pathogen killing effect becomes helpful in getting rid of dandruff and flakiness of scalp. Dandruff resulting from attack of some microbial infestation can also be cured and kept at bay with use of this rich hair oil.
  • While mineral oils can have some ill effects if overly used or wrongly selected, coconut oil is a harmless angel for the skin and hair of all types and for all age groups. There are no side effects attached to use of this oil for skin or hair except for extra grease on clothes.

Varieties of this oil are available in the market which includes massage oil for skin and hair, virgin coconut oil (for use in raw form) and separate variety to be used for cooking. Cosmetic product manufacturers are also increasingly using this wondrous oil as part of soaps, shampoos, moisturisers, night creams, body scrubs, body wraps, massage oils, hair oil combinations and other skin care products.

Select a variety most suited to your needs and enjoy numerous benefits in this transparent god of skin, hair and body care.

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