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You might have heard of aloe Vera as a desert plant, but do you know that it a store house of many medicinal qualities that aid in boosting better health?The very fact that it is a species that grows in deserts is the reason for it to be rich in nutrients as the leaves store up additional nutrients and moisture.

From digestion to disease resistance, Aloe Vera aids the body in a number of ways. It keeps the gut healthy, prevents cardiovascular problems, treats diabetes, prevents cancer, detoxifies and slows down aging. Wow! That is a lot that could get done with aloe Vera. Read on to know more about the health benefits of aloe Vera.

  1. Nutrient bag

Aloe Vera is rich in a number of nutrients including vitamins A, C, E and B complex including the rare vitamin B 12. It is also a store house of many minerals including calcium needed for bone health, magnesium which is good for the heart, zinc which is needed for the immune system, iron which is required for proper blood formation, potassium, sodium, chromium, selenium and manganese.

Aloe Vera is also rich in amino acids and contains more than twenty different amino acids. It contains all eight essential amino acids and helps in protein formation and aids repair of body cells.

  1. Digestion guru

Aloe Vera is very potent in dealing with digestion problems. Are you suffering from acid reflux or GERD? Aloe Vera is the best and easiest solution that you can have in your kitchen. It is alkaline in nature which is also one of the main reasons for its ability to control acid levels in your stomach and entire digestive system.

Most of us eat a lot of fatty foods these days that are more acidic in nature and not alkaline. In addition to affecting your internal digestive organs, an acidic environment helps bad microbes thrive within your body. Whereas taking few ounces of aloe vera helps alkalize the environment and removes excess acidity.

If you have other issues related to Acidity, you could try taking Aloe Vera gel.

  1. Gut friendly

Aloe Vera is gut-friendly. It promotes the growth of gut-friendly flora. At the same time, it acts as a vermifuge by getting rid of harmful microorganisms in the intestines. Aloe Vera is also an adaptogen which helps your body get adapted to changes and adjust to the environment. This allows it to play a role in controlling improper stools. Be it constipation or diarrhoea, aloe vera gel helps to control both these conditions and streamline your bowel movements. Research has also proven that aloe vera is useful in relieving the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

  1. Organic detox

Aloe vera is a natural detox. It helps to flush out harmful wastes from the body and purifies the blood. It moves through the colon removing all the toxins from it and keeps the body free of toxins.

  1. Cardiovascular health

Aloe vera is rich in essential fatty acids such as campesterol and Beta sitosterol. These are plant sterols that aid increase in good cholesterol (high density lipoproteins) in the body. It also contains a host of other fatty acids such as linoleic, linolenic, caprylic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acid. They are also helpful in reducing  allergies and acid indigestion.

A study published in the British medical journal notes that aloe vera helps to prevent thickening of blood and controls blood pressure. These are positive risk factors for heart ailments and heart attack. There is still further research to be done to ascertain the extent to which aloe vera can improve cardiac health.

  1. Diabetes debacle

You will be amazed to know that according to numerous research studies taking Aloe vera juice reduces blood sugar levels in those with type II diabetes. Researchers are still exploring the possibilities of using aloe vera in diabetes treatment.

  1. Cancer care

Recent research has proven that aloe vera has potential in cancer treatment also. A particular compound that is present in aloe vera called aloe-emodin has shown abilities to prevent spread of cancer cells in breast cancer. Further applications of aloe vera in cancer cure are being explored.

  1. Boosts immunity

Aloe vera also helps to boost your Immunity levels. It is an adaptogen which helps you to adjust to climatic and environmental changes. It stimulates the adaptive and defensive mechanisms in the body and prevents illness. It is an antipyretic that controls fever.

In today’s world, increased stress levels and environmental stresses including pollution have become a common phenomenon. It is almost too difficult to imagine a life that is void of stress factors. In such a scenario, your body also needs additional help to cope up with fast changes. Aloe vera offers the desperately needed help in regulating your defence mechanisms and keeping them up. It triggers macrophage production in the body under Stress. These are fighter cells that help fight harmful microbes that cause illness.

  1. Anti-aging benefits

Aloe vera is also rich in anti-oxidants. In addition to enhancing the immune system, anti-oxidants postpone signs of aging by countering the effect of free radicals produced in the body as a result of all body processes.

This oxidative damage occurs naturally in all of us and cannot be completely stopped. However, it can be countered with Anti Aging antioxidants such as those present in aloe vera. For this purpose, Aloe Vera gel is exploited and used in preparing skin care gels and creams.

There is a lot more to aloe vera than just this. Click here to learn more about this medicinal plant.


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