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With the advance of the Information Age that we’re all living in, we are able to find out more and more about other cultures and their histories. Not only are we learning a lot about other languages and cuisines, we are also finding out how these recently alien cultures treated their sick. As a result, a lot of knowledge has been gained. Indian Ayurvedic medicine is the perfect example of an ancient medicinal culture gaining popularity all over the world. But other cultures have their natural treatments as well.

The Native Americans of North America have long used an herb for its medicinal value. This herb, Echinacea is also known as American coneflower and has been a part of the Native American culture for thousands of years. However it was only in the twentieth century that the outside world took notice of its medicinal properties. It was first used by a Swiss gentleman to treat cold and flu like symptoms. However, there are many other benefits that Echinacea can provide, and some of them are listed below:-

  1. It gives a boost against infections

Echinacea is a powerful herb to take in order to protect the body from harmful infections. It is rich in substances known as phenols. While phenols are found in a lot of plants, the dose of phenols in Echinacea is particularly rich.

Phenols control a lot of stuff in our body. By affecting the behaviour of enzymes in our bodies, they can ensure that the body is ready for infections that try to harm it.

  1. It is rich in anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants are extremely important substances that are a huge necessity for our body. Over a period of time, the build-up of free radicals in the body increases. These free radicals, if unchallenged, can wreak havoc on our bodies from the inside. They can attack perfectly healthy cells and turn them into cancerous tumours.

It is this reason that anti-oxidants are vital for our body. They combat free radicals and reduce the oxidative stress they cause. Echinacea is chock full of anti-oxidants and hence it can greatly help you fulfil your anti-oxidants needs.

  1. It provides support to the immune system

Our body’s immune system is the last line of defence between good health and disease. And Echinacea provides much needed support to our immune system in time of need.

Echinacea is rich in alkylamides which help in boosting our body’s immune response. By doing so, Echinacea enhances our defences against disease causing pathogens.

  1. It can help to treat UTIs

UTIs or urinary tract infections plague a lot of people but one simple home remedy eludes everyone. Simply drinking Echinacea herbal tea can help to alleviate this infection. As it is incredibly powerful against infections and is also an anti-microbial substance, Echinacea can help you get rid of this pesky infection.

  1. It can prevent cancer

Echinacea’s boost to our body’s immune system is so huge that it can even help in preventing the onset of cancer. Our immune system consists of natural killer cells which are the body’s earliest defence towards diseases. It has been shown that Echinacea can have a big impact on the count of natural killer cells which means that as soon as the first signs of cancer appear, these cells are immediately dispatched to fight them. And since there are a greater number of these, they can easily handle the problems that occur.

  1. It helps keep the skin clear

People who suffer from skin conditions like eczema, boils and acne can find some relief through Echinacea. It is supposed to be very effective in treating such skin conditions and you need to only boil the herb and mix it in hot water to avail its benefits.

Moreover, Echinacea can also be used to treat flesh wounds.

All these uses of Echinacea must have convinced you of its greatness. Use it wisely and you will be a healthier person indeed! Learn more about the wonder herb Echinacea by clicking here.


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