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In our country, the rains have always been seen as a blessing – they’re much awaited by farmers, welcomed by the general public and celebrated by children. It is one of the most beautiful periods of the year where the sun’s power is mild, the wind is refreshing, and the lush greenery all around is a sight for sore eyes. But amidst all this jubilation, there’s a lurking danger of diseases that come with the monsoons, dengue being the most fatal of them. 

Dengue is caused by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, and spreads when these are allowed to breed. Stagnant water, piles of waste, and dirty surroundings are the main breeding grounds for these mosquitoes, which then infect the human blood stream with dengue through a seemingly innocent mosquito bite. 

Symptoms of dengue include high fever, nausea, body aches, headaches and a rash. Once a person has been infected, there is no control over the severity of the symptoms, and in many cases, it leads to death. This year, especially, there has been an extremely high occurrence of dengue cases, including a rise in the number of fatal cases. Thus, prevention is better than treatment, and all efforts must be made to avoid the presence of mosquitoes in our surrounding areas. 

While there are various chemical agents available to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes in and around the house, these substances have side-effects and can lead to further health complications like allergic reactions, breathing issues, etc. Hence, it is better to look at natural and harmless ways to make your house mosquito-free. Natural Mosquito Repellent Products will keep you and your family safe from the danger of contracting dengue. 

Following are some such solutions using naturally-existing elements, and wisdom that has been passed down from previous generations: 

  1. Neem Oil

Neem, which is a natural insecticide, can also be used to keep mosquitoes away. Rub some on to all exposed parts of your body to prevent bites. It can also be used in combination with coconut oil . 

  1. Camphor

Known to be the strongest natural mosquito repellent, camphor which is easily available can be burned in a closed room to keep mosquitoes at bay. 

  1. Garlic

While we’ve grown up hearing stories of vampires being scared away by garlic, mosquitoes too are driven away by its pungent smell. All you have to do is crush a few pods and add them to boiling water, and spray this mixture around the room. Research also shows that eating garlic releases garlic oils from your pores, acting as a barrier between your skin and the mosquitoes

  1. Mixture of Lemon and Eucalyptus oils

Both lemon and eucalyptus have a high content of cineole which is a natural antiseptic and mosquito repellent. Using this mixture on the skin helps protect from mosquito bites. 


  1. Lavender Oil

While lavender is a fragrance much favoured by humans, especially women, and also has healing properties making it a popular element of aromatherapy, mosquitoes are repelled by the smell of it. The easiest way to use it is to dab some oil on a piece of cloth and keep near the windows and doors of the house. 


  1. Mosquito repellent plants

While it is a common belief that having plants around the house attracts mosquitoes, there are certain plants like the shrubs of tulsi, mint and marigold, and the trees of lemon and neem that actually have mosquito-repelling properties. Planting citronella around the house is also a good idea. 

  1. Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets were used in all households in the olden days, and were an effective preventive measure during the night. Such nets made from organic fibres are still readily available in the market and can be hung around the bed. But now in the modern era mosquito repellent patches have arrived which is a boon for the society.


These solutions are all natural, harmless and easy to use. Also, make sure your house and its surrounding areas are clean, and there is no presence of stagnant water.

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