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Recently I saw a tweet by a lady, “My mediation makes me look young, as if I’ve had Botox done”.  In today’s world where the market only talks about anti aging serums, lotions, chemical treatments and cosmetic surgery; Meditation stands strong with its natural benefits.

Often people ask, ‘Can meditation really get us the eternal youth?’ Today researchers are trying to bring to benefits of meditation to the entire world. According to a recent study on brain imaging, scientists studies vigorously about telomeres. Telomeres are compounds that protect the ends of our chromosomes. In every cell division the telomeres gets shorter. An enzyme telomerase rebuilds telomeres. This enzyme is responsible for reversing the effects of age. After a certain length telomeres cannot replicate and dies.

Researchers have mapped that after meditation the telomerase activity increases considerably. The revelation of this result has been ground breaking as suddenly the world is talking about meditation.

Brain imaging techniques have confirmed how therapeutic meditation is more than just a relaxation retreat. The processes within the brain increases actively. Once the brain becomes active lots of things gets positively benefited like memory, cognition, emotional regulation and learning.

A journal on Neuroscience have clearly stated that people who meditate for nearly five years or more they look 12 to 15 years younger than their biological age. This statement is backed by a study. Deep meditation results in the change of three important hormones; increased DHEA which is the youth hormone, increased melatonin the sleep hormone and decreased cortisol which is the stress hormone. Thus we can say meditation is anti aging and anti stress medication.

Scientific assessment of Meditation

After analysing the reports from the Office of Alternative Medicine of National Institutes of Health, its been found that mediators achieve the following beneficial reactions:

  1. Meditation calms the brain wave activity
  2. Reduced oxidation in our body
  3. Reduction in release of stress hormone
  4. Increase in production of leukocyte which increases immunity

The general medical benefits from meditation are:

  1. Reduced blood pressure, chronic pain and anxiety
  2. Reduction in the levels of cortisone
  3. Cognitive activity increases
  4. Lowering of substance abuse
  5. Post traumatic syndrome improves
  6. Less usage of medical care and hospitalization

Meditation styles for anti aging

Incorporate these meditation styles in your anti aging routine.


This meditation style focuses on breathing. With this you can reduce your stress levels which results in aging. It lowers blood pressure and balances you both mentally and physically.


It is also called Zen, which focuses on posture. Zen is an ideal anti aging exercise. It protects the shrinkage of grey matter thus keeping your cognition under control. Your mind becomes alter which generally decline with age.

Transcendental meditation

With this type of meditation your can erase all distractive thoughts from your mind. It has been studies that all those you perform transcendental meditation look 12 years younger than their actual age.


Concentration of energy at the base of your spine is termed as kundalini. With this practice you spread energy all over your body which is effective for reducing wrinkles and age spots. Kundalini also helps in producing brain chemicals like melatonin and serotonin which removes toxins from our body thus reversing age.

Guided Visualization

In this meditation you focus on one thing/place and let your mind wander. A god example can be you look at mountains and imagine the feel of touching clouds. This kind of meditation keeps your young and energetic.


It is the improvement of body’s life force which is also called “qi”. This is an important anti aging exercise which controls breathing, self massage, multiple positions and stances. Qigong meditation boosts longevity thus makes you look young.

Deep Trance

This is a kind of self hypnosis meditation which reduces stress hormones. This is an amazing anti aging exercise which keeps your body and mind healthy.


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