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Read any health magazine or e-zines they are filled with Botox injection and face lifts as the best alternative for wrinkles and premature age. Is Botox the only solution to fine lines? Hollywood actresses go for Dysport and lip fillers even at the age of 25! The reason behind this is to stop wrinkles even much before they arrive. This has actually become a trend. Let’s get a deeper knowledge on this debatable topic.

What exactly is a wrinkle?

As one age our skin loses its elasticity and thus sags, this is the reason why we develop fine lines and wrinkles. Skin loosening is the early sign on aging. To avoid them people all over the globe are getting Botox injections as an anti aging treatment. People who are able to maintain regular Botox injection have actually delayed their aging process.

Botox is considered as one of the top non surgical options among various anti aging treatments. They work by blocking the nerve signals to muscles. The muscle which is injected does not contract, hence relaxes and softens the wrinkle.

In late 20’s and early 30’s Botox is a hit solution. People who have developed some creases, Botox injections eliminate their premature aging problems.

This is generation Y and Botox is not the only option to all the skin problems. Women in their mid 20 are who have developed acne, sun burns and scars go for microdermabrasion which is also called laser resurfacing. Tiny crystals are sandblasted all over the skin which removes the dead skin. This is another preventive tool against aging.

What do we do as a buyer?

Buyers should be aware in this smart marketing era. There is no sure shot way of getting away with wrinkles. Many buyers do not want to go under the knife and look for natural ways. Nobody wants to damage their muscle just because they do not want to face aging.

Maintenance is the key to this problem. Dermatologists all over the globe give an unanimous advise to all their patients to take a good care of their skin. Exposure to sun and smoking does biggest damage to the skin. If you plan to buy any sunscreen and anti wrinkle creams look for retinols and alpha hydroxyl acids which rejuvenate your skin. These compounds removes dead skin and get you a fresher look.

How about a wrinkle checkup?

Anybody will suggest you to go for Botox to get that perfect appearance. Botox do prevent fine line from getting very deep. If you compare face lifts with Botox, Botox is still much better as compared to these expensive treatments.

Today’s generative does not take much time to go under the knife. It is always advisable to look for creams, potions and needles as the first option.

Take a break on Botox

If the whole world is having tea that doesn't mean even you should go for tea. There are many cosmetic surgeons that will advise you not to go for Botox.

Botox is definitely very common today still we cannot ape celebrities who go for expensive Botox treatments.

Still of you feel that botox is your only respite, look for a right cosmetologist. Botox does let you age gracefully and you can easily erase wrinkles and fine lines. However face freeze is what people are scared of. The right dermatologist along with its anesthetic will give you the right kind of results. Make sure your doctor is experienced and have injected number of times.

Dysport versus Botox

Dysport is an anti wrinkle treatment and is considered much better than age old Botox however the debate hasn’t reached any conclusions yets. The chemicals in Botox and Dysport are different.

People who have undergone Dysport say that it works better on certain parts of face than Botox. Crow’s feet wrinkles are cured much better than Botox.

Both the treatments follow the similar way of functioning however it is entirely on us which procedure to chose. The buyer will surely look into his pockets before choosing the treatment.


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