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Dr Sunita Pathania, dietitian said “That proper exercise, balanced diet of natural food items, plus dairy products like skimmed milk- curd, lassi, and chach is very good for the health.”

Well according to the recent research conducted by various health agencies around the world, it was found out that more than a million people are dying due to Blood Pressure. But there is nothing to worry if proper care & medication is done. The organic products are the best way to defy all such ailments.The intake of organic seeds is also good for health.

Food beneficial for Blood Pressure is:

  • Skimmed Milk.
  • Fruits like Water melon, oranges, grapes, berry etc.
  • Sunflower seeds.
  • Beans, spinach etc.

Be smart in consuming these food:

  • Sunflower Seeds: This is a store house of vitamin E. protein, acid and fiber. So be wise & consume these seeds daily to reduce the chances of any kinds of blood pressure or heart ailments. The special agent of Peptide hampers the production of an enzyme which escalates the chance of high blood pressure.

  • Dark Chocolte: Well who says that eating chocolate is bad for health or it is good only for the kids. My dear friends change your thoughts because the agents that are present in it like Flavonoids which causes the expansion of the blood vessels. So after a nutritious meal, eat at least two cubes of Dark Chocolate & remain healthy ever after.

  • Whole Grain: Well most of the nutritionist has said that having a wholesome breakfast is the best way to stay away from bad health. I would recommend you should take Oat Meal. So when you will start taking it on a daily basis then automatically you will see the fall in the sudden rise of the Blood Pressure.

  • Grape Seed Capsules: There is no need to shirk away from doing a strenuous exercise. Many of you might be wondering what the purpose of all this extra effort is. Well what I want to just suggest you to start taking Grape seed capsules. They contain Polyphenols are Flavonoids that work efficiently to control the blood pressure to a large extent.

So use these fantastic pure forms of natural food that can keep you away from the ailments. Believe me the subtle changes in the diet, exercise and one odd medicine will definitely create a lot of change in your health. The Health Benefits that you can get from the Natural Juices will also be a major difference in the improving or controlling of the blood pressure.

“Go natural in everything because that will easily keep BP away & not your thoughts.”

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