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Kidney disease and disorders are quoted dangerous by doctors. They are also known to be silent killers of human body. If proper care is not taken, kidney related problems usually get diagnosed very late. The silent symptoms of kidney diseases are often misleading when it comes to response from the patient. In some cases, the symptoms might not show up until it's too late for the cure. So it is very essential for any person to identify the symptoms of kidney diseases to seek treatment to the earliest.

Here are 7 signs that could be a reason for your kidneys suffering:

Changes in the way your kidneys function

One might experience changes in the amount of urine passed and frequency of urination. In other words, a person finds that urine passed has increased or decreased. Next thing is change in the color of urine. Dark and unusual colored urine can be alarming kidney failure.  But sometimes dark urine happens because of less liquid intake which is easy to fix. Drink a cup of organic tea or plenty of water to have transparent urine.

Based on the studies, a group of people who were diagnosed with kidney failure had frequent urge to urinate but they couldn't actually do it in the restroom.

Difficulty in urinating

One might feel the pressure in the bladder to urinate even when it is all empty. This could happen because of urinary tract infection. If proper care is not taken, the infection could spread to the kidneys and cause pain in the back and bring fever in the person.

Blood passed along with urine

This symptom is definitely a cause for concern. It should not be ignored. If one has this problem, visiting a doctor immediately is necessary.

Foamy urine

Foamy urine is caused due to the leakage of protein in the body. Cranberries have the healing capacity to cure foamy urine and other kidney related problems.

Fatigue, weakness and anemia

The kidneys produce a hormone known as erythropoietin which helps the blood cells to absorb oxygen. If the quantity of this hormone is reduced in the body then it can drastically affect the body cells because of the reduced oxygen. When this happens it causes anemia where a person experiences weakness, fatigue and inability to concentrate.

Feeling cold always in the body

This is another symptom of anemia, where a person experiences cold even if there is bright sun outside. This can further result in Pyelonephritis which is fever with chills.

 Skin rashes and itching

This is a symptom that is usually confused with skin allergy and rashes. Kidney failure results in improper waste disposal out of the body which causes build of waste in the blood. This in turn causes skin rashes and itching.

There are herbal remedies for curing kidney problems. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms since a long time, then visit a doctor soon. 

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