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 Selena Gomez an American singer/actress is having a secret for her melodious and loving voice. She says that “Before I go onstage, I drink olive oil. It's disgusting, but it's good for your throat”

In a formal study Dr. Cécilia Samieri (a PHD holder in epidemiology) from the University of Bordeaux and her team found that people who consume olive oil daily in a regular basis are 41% less prone to heart diseases and strokes as compared to those who never used to consume this. Dr. Cécilia said, "Stroke is so common in older people and olive oil would be an inexpensive and easy way to help prevent it"

Scientists and researchers have recognized a powerful and natural agent that can help preventing unconditional diseases and could stop premature deaths. Exactly, we are talking about olive oil, this is a rich source of monounsaturated fats and is having miraculous properties. Olive oil is having a rich amount of vitamins and minerals that leads to a healthier lifestyle. Basically olive oil is a fat that is acquired from the fruit of the olive tree. It is having several health and beauty benefits and the researches are still revealing more and more each day. We have discussed here few of them and these are really beneficial and helpful. This miraculous oil is easily available and is used in most of the kitchens, some of the benefits are discussed here:

  • Helps maintaining cholesterol level. 
  • For healthy heart
  • Soothes the sun burns and moisturizes the skin.
  • Soothes sore throat and cough.
  • Reduces wrinkles and helps in anti-aging.
  • Reduces breast cancer risk.
  • Provides relief from constipation and other breakdowns.
  • Makes hair healthier and attractive.

Olive oil keeps the Heart young and healthy

It is obvious and is also a very common fact that as we grow older our heart also grows and goes through the normal aging processes. Studies and researches have proven it that olive oil is effective in improving the functionality and arterial activities in human beings. Having a rich amount of olive oil in our diet supports smooth blood circulation, makes our heart healthier and also this slows down the aging process of our heart.

 Soothes cough and sore throat

Olive oil is being used as a home remedy for clearing coughs and sore throats. Olive oil provides an instant soothing to dry and sore throat. It is accomplished with anti inflammation and is effective in providing relief from inflammation and pain in throat. You can prepare a decoction by mixing lukewarm olive oil, lemon and honey. One tablespoon of this decoction with the gap of few hours will treat your throat well also this will clear your voice.


Relieves Constipation

Olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils available in market and this plays an effective role in curing constipation. Regular consumption of olive oil prevents constipation and this enhances the bowel evacuation too. Constipation could be treated by swallowing a tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach and one at night before sleeping.

 Olive oil for beauty & care

  • Olive oil is having a rich amount of minerals and vitamins that nourishes our skin cells and hair well.
  • Its smoothing properties provide relief from the minor sunburns and also this cures and moisturizes the skin too.
  • Massaging olive oil to the roots of hair makes them healthier and stronger also this nourishes the scalp well and prevents dandruff too.
  • People having split ends and frizzy hair can massage their locks with warm olive oil, it would be the best natural hair treatment.
  • Application of olive oil is highly effective in tightening the skin and also this reduces the wrinkles.
  • It is advised to use extra virgin olive oil as it is having several beneficial properties and is one of the healthiest and finest.


Miranda Kerr an Australian model uses to create mask for her hair by her own that was taught by her mother. She says- ''Olive oil and lemon juice! At least once a week, I mix the two together and leave the mixture on my hair for as long as possible. It's a home recipe my mother taught me and I have yet to find a better way to repair my split ends after a catwalk show.''


Olive oil could be the best hide out against conventional type of diseases


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